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The daughter of wealthy parents from Miami talked out in social networks about the money laundering scheme

A graduate of the University of Miami and 26, a social media lover who flaunted designer bags and Lamborghini, was arrested while on vacation with her family for money laundering. Investigators for over a year followed her accounts in networks.

Photo: Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

26-year-old Jenny Ambuila, originally from Colombia, led a luxurious lifestyle in Miami. She often published photos in social networks where she posed with designer bags Chanel and Louis Vuitton, Hermes belts, and Gucci loafers. Facebook and Instagram accounts are full of photos of luxury cars and their luxury vacations in Europe.

Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

Obviously, her fabulous and carefree life came to an end after the arrest of Jenny, her father Omar and mother Elba Chara during a vacation in Colombia.

The prosecution claims that Ambuilla’s father worked as a middle-level customs officer in the Colombian seaport of Buenaventura and took bribes for millions in exchange for letting the goods into the country without paying taxes.

Photo: Instagram / jennylifestyler

Jenny was charged with money laundering, and she is currently under house arrest in Colombia. Her parents are in prison on additional charges of complicity with smugglers and corruption.

Their arrest became part of the Colombian investigation of stopping smuggling into local markets. The authorities hope that their arrest will help reveal a large corruption scheme in the seaport.

“This is a fundamental case in our fight against smuggling. We are pursuing this entire corrupt structure and the resources behind them, ”Colombian prosecutor Andrés Jimenez told a local radio station.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office stated that Ambuila, who for the past 27 years headed the internal cargo control group in Diana, received a monthly salary of $ 3 000 as a port inspector.

The prosecutor added that since 2012, he received at least $ 600 000 in bribes abroad. It is argued that the amount may be much more.

The illegally obtained money, the father sent his daughter to the University of Miami, where she studied with 2013 to 2017 a year and received a bachelor's degree in finance.

Photo: Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

Jenny has 'lived' in luxury stores like Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and traveled to Milan and Paris, flaunting luxury rides on her Facebook and Instagram page (where she has 10 followers). After her arrest, the pages became private.

Photo: Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

It is interesting that it was the investigators who were interested in posts with photos of the luxurious life on social networks. The most notable purchase in 2017 was the auto Lamborghini Huracan Spyder priced at over $ 300 000, which she often posted on Instagram.

Photo: Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

Living in Miami, Jenny bought a Porsche Cayenne.

The girl told investigators that she had bought her luxurious things due to the development of her business, which included an ice cream shop and a Forex trading service.

Photo: Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

“She created several companies on paper,” Jimenez said in an interview with Colombia's Blu-Radio. "But they weren't making enough money to allow her that lifestyle."

Photo: Facebook / Jenny Ambuila

On Friday, during Ambuila’s arrest, wearing a Gucci t-shirt, she looked blankly as the officer read out the charges against her.

Investigators are hoping to reach other alleged members of the Buenaventura smuggling network in the coming months.

Interestingly, with the support of the US authorities, it took investigators more than a year to gather evidence for the family.

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