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2021 weeks left before registration in the DV-3 green card lottery ends: what you need to know

Online registration for participation in the DV-2021 green card lottery opened on October 2, 2019 at 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and will run until 12:00 pm on November 5, 2019, Eastern Standard Time (EST). You have 3 more weeks to participate. Let us remind you that for this you need - note, there are innovations!

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Until September 30 of next year, you can check the results of the DV-2020 green card lottery - this can only be done on the official website of the lottery. ForumDaily wrote about the citizens of which countries won the most green cards in 2020. If you have not won or are planning to participate in the DV-2021 draw for the first time, the ForumDaily instruction is for you.

Step 1. Check your right to participate in the lottery

  • Requirement No. 1: Applicants born in countries eligible to participate in the DV 2021 lottery are eligible to participate in the program.

If you were born in another country, there are two other cases where you can apply for a DV visa:

Were your spouse born in a country whose residents can participate in the lottery? If so, you can indicate in your application the country of birth of your spouse instead of your country of birth, provided that you and your spouse receive visas and enter the United States at the same time.

You were born in a country whose residents do not have the right to participate in the program, but not one of your parents was born in this country, nor was it a permanent resident at the time of your birth? If yes, then you can indicate that the country of origin is the country of birth of one of the parents, if the natives of the latter can take part in the DV-2021 lottery.

  • Requirement No. 2: Each applicant must meet the requirements of the DV program for education or qualifications.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent (in the United States, this means successful completion of the 12-year course in primary and secondary schools). Or to have two years of work experience over the past five years, and this is a labor activity, which requires at least two years of training or experience. The U.S. Department of State will use the U.S. Department of Labor database to determine eligibility requirements. O * net online.

Documentary evidence of education or work experience does not need to be attached to a registration application, but they will need to be shown to the consular officer during an interview for an immigration visa. If you are unable to prove education or work experience, your application will be disqualified even after winning.

  • Important: working in the field of marijuana production, consuming “grass”, or even admitting that an immigrant has tried it at least once in his life, may shut the doors to him in the USA forever.
  • В our material You can find out about 10 the most common mistakes when applying for participation in the green card lottery.
  • ForumDaily also wrote answers to the most common questionsthat arise when participating in the Green Card lottery.

Step 2. Fill out an application for participation

This is the main stage of participation in the lottery, so you need to approach it as carefully and accurately as possible. You can fill out the form until 12: 00 on EST 5 on November 2019 of the year. This can only be done at Please note that the site must have the extension .gov, since fraudsters sometimes create fake sites with the extension .net, .com and others.

Remember that participation in the lottery is free. You should not pay for registration, nor for filling out the questionnaire, or for anything else until you win. It is also strongly recommended not to use the services of intermediaries: the questionnaire is simple, accessible even for people with a minimum level of English, filling takes about 20 minutes.

As soon as you start filling out the form, you will have exactly 1 an hour to enter all the information. If you are late - you have to start over.

You must include your current spouses, even if you do not live together, with children up to 21. In addition, each spouse can fill out a questionnaire separately. Thus, the chances of winning the family will increase. For more information on how to indicate relatives in the questionnaire, read in material ForumDaily.

IMPORTANT. In 2019, the USA introduced a new rule for submitting documents for participation in the green card lottery. Each applicant must indicate the number, series and validity of your passport. Such an innovation has perplexed many residents of the countries of the former USSR, since the cost of a document is often not affordable for the middle class. Read more at this link.

Step 3. Take a photo exactly following the requirements

A new (i.e., captured within the last 6 months) digital photo or a new (i.e., captured within the last 6 months) photograph scanned with a digital scanner must comply with the composition and specifications set out below.

Before submitting an application, the sender can check the quality of the photo on the E-DV website by clicking on the “Photo Validator” link. The photo quality control program will help to identify discrepancies with technical requirements, as well as show examples of “right” and “wrong” photos. Do not submit an old photo. Submission of the same photo as in the previous year, as well as photos that have undergone any processing, will disqualify your application.

Examples of high-quality and relevant photos can be found here to register:.

The photograph or digital image must be:

  • colored
  • focused
  • the size of the head (from the chin to the top of the head) in the photo should be 22 mm to 35 mm, or 50% -
    69% of total snapshot size. Detailed information about the size of photos posted on Photo Composition Template
  • made in the last 6 months
  • made on a white or light neutral background
  • the person should look straight into the lens
  • facial expression should be neutral, both eyes open
  • the person in the photo should be dressed in casual clothes
  • the person in the photo should not be dressed in uniform, with the exception of religious clothes, which he wears daily
  • a person should be depicted without a hat, with the exception of religious clothing that he wears daily. The face should be completely open, and the headgear should not cover or obscure the face
  • headphones, wireless hands-free headsets and similar devices are not allowed in the photo
  • can not be photographed with glasses
  • if you use a hearing device or other similar items daily, they may be in your photo.

See sample photos on page Photo Requirements.

Photos that have been scanned from a driver’s license or from other official documents are not allowed. In addition, photographs from magazines, selfie photos, as well as those taken in photo shooters or a mobile phone camera, as well as full-length photographs, are not accepted.

During the application you will need to upload your photo. Your electronic image should be:

  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • Have a file size of no more than 240 kB (kilobytes)
  • Have an aspect ratio like a square (height is equal to width)
  • Resolution 600 × 600 pixels

If you want to scan a photo that you already have, in addition to the existing requirements, your photo should be:

  • 51 x 51 mm
  • scanned in 300 resolution in dots per inch (12 pixels per millimeter)

Pictures of children or babies

When photographing a child or baby in the photo there should be no unauthorized persons; the child should look straight into the camera and have open eyes.

  • Tip # 1: Lay the child on his back on a plain white or light-colored fabric. This will support the child’s head and have a solid background for the photo. Make sure that the child’s face is not shaded, especially if you are taking a photo, standing over the child, and the child is lying at this time.
  • Tip # 2: Cover the seat of the car with a plain white or light-colored cloth and take a picture
    baby in that chair. This will also support his head for the shot.

It is important not to miss your chance because of an annoying little thing - errors in the profile or the wrong photo. Photos when checking profiles are given HUGE Attention. How exactly the photos are checked and why you need to clearly follow the instructions, read in ForumDaily.

After you fill out the questionnaire and click the Submit button, you should receive a notification in which the confirmation number will be indicated. It must be preserved - without it, you won’t know whether you won the green card or not. Don’t settle if anyone offers to keep this information for you. You must also retain access to the email address provided when submitting the application.

On the subject: U.S. judges block new trump rules on green cards

Step 4. Wait and see the results.

Official notification of the winnings will be available on the website. under Entrant Status Check from 5 of May to 2020 to 30 of September to 2021 of the year. You will need a confirmation page number to access the Entrant Status Check section.

Checking the Entrant Status Check section will be the only way to get information about the results of the lottery, the procedure for further actions in case of a win, and the appointment of the date and time of the interview for an immigrant visa. In order to use the full number of issued visas, the Department of State may use the Entrant Status Check to notify additionally successful applications after May 5 and 2020.

Important! Keep your confirmation number up to 30 September 2021 year in case you receive additional notifications.

The website is the only official website of the State Department for submitting electronic applications and checking the results of the draw. The Department of State will NOT send out notice of winnings.

5 Step: Complete the Green Card Requirements

ForumDaily previously published step-by-step instructions for those who won the Green Card. Here are the key points you will need to do.

The site Consular Electronic Application Center you need to fill out an immigration visa application form - form DS-260. It is filled in English. In the questionnaire you need to specify personal data, marital status, provide information about the place of work, study, criminal record.

Necessary documents to be collected before the interview: the full list is listed here. All documents that are not in English should be accompanied by a certified translation. No notarization or apostille is required.

A medical examination can be passed only in special certified centers, the addresses of which can be found on Online. The cost of this procedure is on average $ 215 for each family member planning to immigrate (in different countries the price may differ by $ 10-15), and vaccination is paid separately. More on this. Read in our material.

On the subject: Green Card Lottery: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Interview. You will need the originals and translations into English of all documents, the results of the medical board and the very invitation for an interview. At the site, at the embassy, ​​you need to pay a visa fee for each family member. But this is not a guarantee that the cherished US visa in your hands. Interviews - no less important stage than the preparation of documents or medical board. The main goals of the interview are to make sure that the people who came for the interview applied, take fingerprints and check them with the database, see the results of the medical board and check that all documents are available.

Selected applicants in the DV lottery are entitled to apply for visas only during the financial year of the program, i.e. from October 1 to September 30. Applicants must obtain a DV visa or change their status by the end of the fiscal year, i.e. until 30 September. For those people who were selected but did not receive a visa, the right to a DV is not transferred to the next year. Similarly, a wife / husband and children who are granted close family status at the time of registration to participate in the DV draw can only receive visas from xnumx october to xnumx september.

Applicants apply for DV programs outside the United States, 4-6 weeks before the date of the interview, they will receive a message from the Consular Center stating that information about an interview for an immigrant visa is already available.

Step 6. Arrange a move to the USA

In addition to the thousands of questions that immediately arise before new residents of the United States, do not forget about paperwork. What already wrote ForumDailyIt is worth making a few basic documents: apply for bank cards, social security number and American ID.

US government does not provide no airline tickets, no apartments, no cash assistance for applicants who have received DV visas. If you apply for an immigrant visa through the DV lottery, you need to prove that you will not become a potential recipient of social assistance in the USA. Such evidence may include both your own funds and your US commitment (Affidavit of Support, Form I-134) from a relative or friend living in the United States of America, as well as / or an American job invitation the employer.

You won a green card, which means you need to know about the rights and obligations of its holder. Your actions as a permanent resident may affect your future ability to obtain US citizenship. And this is always worth remembering. More details - in our material. It is worth getting acquainted with the most common misconceptions and mistakeswho make the winning lottery.

If you have not won the green card

Do not despair. Not all those who are lucky can eventually go through the whole process and get a green card. Therefore, you can check your result again later - the data may change. For verification, you must enter your confirmation number on the website, issued after registration in the lottery. If you see a letter with a barcode and your data on the page that opened, you won! However, before receiving the treasured green card, you need to go through several stages as quickly as possible. More about them in special material ForumDaily.

From June 1 to 2019, applicants who participate in the lottery will be required to provide access to social networkswhich they used in the last 5 years preceding the filing of the application. We are not talking about logins and passwords, immigration agents are asked to provide them with simple links to accounts or username.

If you are in doubt about any details or you have questions, be sure to read our detailed material, which is completely based on official data: Green Card Lottery in questions and answers.

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