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Up to 15 tons per day: Israeli company 3D-prints plant-based meat that could soon replace real meat

The Israeli company Redefine Meat 3D prints various types of meat, while the organization's capacity is enough to produce up to 15 tons of products per day. Read more about this publication to Reuters.

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The startup has raised $170 million in funding and operates large meat printers at its headquarters in Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv, Israel, as well as a new plant in the Netherlands. Its initiators hope to distribute their products as an alternative to traditionally produced meat.

The hype surrounding plant-based meat alternatives that were considered better for animals and the environment has subsided as fears of inflation and a recession are driving some consumers back to cheaper animal-meat products, while staffing shortages hit fast food chains, an important conduit. sales of plant-based burger patties.

U.S. company Beyond Meat cut its sales forecasts, though food giant Nestle, less associated with fast food restaurants, said consumer interest in its plant-based meat alternatives is still strong.

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Redefine Meat makes its products from ingredients such as soy and pea proteins, chickpeas, beets, nutritional yeast and coconut oil. The manufacturer has very ambitious plans.

Redefine Meat has now partnered with importer Giraudi Meats to encourage European distribution of its New Meat steaks.

“Our product is meat, it has the same properties, it’s just produced differently,” explained co-founder and CEO Eshar Ben-Shitrit, adding that this year the production capacity will reach more than 15 tons per day. “The fact that our products are now sold by Giraudi Meats, the same people who sell high quality meat, shows that they are not compromise vegan products.”

On the website and says: "Excellent meat without compromise." Its experts believe that "the new meat is not only good for the environment, but also helps animals to a certain extent."

Ben-Shitrit said that Redefine Meat makes tenderloin and striploin steaks, and their chefs' use of expensive restaurants confirms the quality of such a product.

With the help of Giraudi, the company will launch its products in restaurants and butchers in France, then in Italy, Greece and Sweden, and next year in dozens more countries.

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The new meat is now available in Israel, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany at nearly 1000 restaurants, which now pay about $40 per kilo for Redefine Meat steaks.

About Us

Redefine Meat was founded in 2018, the same year they first 3D printed meat. And the following year, a “blind” tasting of products was held. Several restaurants in Israel served various dishes using the new meat.

In 2020, the manufacturer held the world's largest "blind" product tasting and received more than 90% positive feedback.

The company's website has a very interesting resource: You need to enter how many years you have been eating meat and how often, and then compare the environmental impact of eating regular and new meat.

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