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Nine types of people who shouldn't go to the USA

Having one desire is not enough to immigrate to the USA. Now where do not look, it is written everywhere who should go, but not a word about who should not go to the US under any pretext. Vitaly Nikulin, blog author, talks about those who are not expected there and at what age it is too late to go to the USA.

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Who should not go to the US?

  1. People who hate the United States and Americans. You will have a very hard time here. Everything will enrage and annoy you. Everything will be different to you. As a result, you will never take root here until you love everything that surrounds you.
  2. Those who simply do not want to go here. Because they love their homeland; because they are so good; because the USA is not their place on Earth, but also many other extremely important reasons.
  3. People who are not morally ready to start their lives from scratch. This will concern life, career, social status, friends, and maybe even education. We'll have to start from the very beginning, from the very bottom. If you are not mentally prepared for this, sit at home.
  4. Citizens who are not willing to work long and hard. Roughly speaking - to plow for wear. The first 10 years will be very hard in this regard. You need to work hard, learn, look for your place in this life. Therefore, if you are lazy, sit at home.
  5. Do not go here if you are depressed and lonely person at the same time. That is, not only is everything bad in your life, there is still no nearby cheerful partner who would help mitigate the blows of fate - they will fall on you in large numbers in the first years of living abroad.
  6. Do not go to the slaves of their bad habits. That is, if you can’t do anything with your habits, reduce your consumption, then it’s probably better to stay at home, since the products in question are worth fabulous money in the USA. Moreover, there is a tax, often double, and sometimes even triple. For example, take a pack of cigarettes Marlborowhich costs in different states from $ 6 to $ 12. So, think a hundred times what to do with your bad habits, if you desperately want to live in the United States.
  7. Racists, nationalists, homophobes, as well as other opponents of tolerance and political correctness. These types can also stay at home, because if you cannot accept this society as it is, it will not accept you either. To count on success in this situation, obviously, is not necessary.
  8. You do not need to go to the United States if you can not figure out how to fill out an application for participation in the lottery Green Card. If you are unable to cope with the very first elementary task, even with the most detailed instructions available today YouTube and other information carriers, then the other problems that await you here, you just can not overcome.
  9. No need to go to America to people who are afraid. Namely, they are afraid to fly, swim, that they will be killed - either black or police. They are afraid that they will run out of money, losing their jobs. Terribly worried that they will not learn English. They are embarrassed to speak English, even if they know the language, because they have an accent and they are afraid that no one will understand them. In a word, if you are afraid of everything, then you definitely need to stay at home and generally do not leave the house. Even in the elevator, because there is also scary. Of course, each of us has phobias. Someone is afraid of spiders, drive a car, heights, darkness. And that's fine. But when you are straight total you are afraid when you need your mom to take a pen, otherwise you are uncomfortable, then you should really sit at home on the couch and watch TV.

At what age is it too late to move to the USA?

Probably, there are no specific figures on this. I think that as long as you have an interest in life, energy, you are able-bodied, you have far-reaching plans for the future, you can and should do everything your heart desires. If you are ready to move to the USA, get on a plane and fly.

But, however, it is still worth thinking about what lies ahead for you, about retirement. It should be noted that retirement in America in 65, 67, 69 years. It depends on the state and many other circumstances. In addition, if you are counting on the full privileges of an American pensioner, you will have to obtain US citizenship.

To do this, you will need to pass an interview in English. Then you need to pass an English comprehension test and another test on your knowledge of US history - how the country works.

Proceeding from this, if you are for 55 and at the same time your state of health adversely affects your ability to work, plus you have never studied English (or any other foreign language), and you are a completely lonely person who is going to go to the USA without the second half, children or parents, it is perhaps better for you to think very seriously and specifically whether to go or not.

In any case, the decision is yours!

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