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Nine popular retro games you can play for free in your browser

In the 1980s, retrogaming was new. Super Mario Bros., Tetris on the Game Boy, and Final Fantasy III had pixel art and chiptune, but back then they were just called video games. Now they have moved to the Internet, and anyone can play them even on their browser. What old games are available in the browser, the publication said Lifehacker.

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Thanks to platforms and tools like Unity, PICO-8, and GB Studio, it's never been easier for people to create their own games, and many of these tools specifically push designers toward the classic look, feel, and gameplay of the 1980s and early 1990s. x years.


This game was created by designer Johan Peitz for the PICO-8, the virtual gaming console that released the original Celeste by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry. Ascent, reminiscent of a Metroidvania, can be explored and completed in less than an hour

After your spaceship mysteriously crashes, you must explore an alien planet in search of the eight spirits and the way home. Charming pixel art, a killer soundtrack from Vav, labyrinthine level design and improved abilities will not leave you indifferent to the secrets of the planet.

Play Ascent on

Prince of Persia

What better way to kill time than by playing revolutionary classics right in your browser! Creator Jordan Mechner's career spans decades, and his influence on gaming history is undeniable. Prince of Persia, which has spawned numerous sequels and reboots since its release in October 1989, remains an enjoyable platformer thanks to surprisingly smooth rotoscoped animation, labyrinthine level design and fast-paced two-hour gameplay. An iconic game in every sense.

Play Prince of Persia on Internet Archive

Cuphead: Game & Watch Edition

Cuphead is a modern classic, known for its delightful emotions, intense difficulty and perfect platforming. Cuphead: Game & Watch Edition combines that appeal with another retro classic: Nintendo's original Game & Watch handheld consoles.

“As fans of Game & Watch, we wanted to bring these universes together and do our best to deliver a good result,” explain game creators Simon Delavanne and at0mium.

This fan-made game combines the original's signature style with new gameplay and very old-school graphics. A fitting tribute and a great way to kill a few minutes while files load.

Play Cuphead: Game & Watch Edition on


Do you love Dead Cells, Hades and Spelunky? They All Lead Here: The classic role-playing game Rogue, created by Michael Toy and Glen Wichman in 1980.

With distinctive graphics, deep gameplay, and genre-defining ideas, Rogue ushered in a generation of games based on trying, dying, and repeating. It will test you in a way that many modern games won't, but as players discovered 40-plus years ago, there are few games in the history of the genre that effectively ask you to "do the level again."

Play Rogue on Internet Archive

Grimace's Birthday

In honor of Grimace's milestone 52nd birthday, McDonald's has teamed up with Brooklyn game studio Krool Toys to create an impressively authentic platformer that feels like it's been ripped out of the 1990s. In the game Grimace's Birthday, you play as the main character - a large purple creature. He puts on a helmet, picks up a skateboard and flips left and right through several levels. It's surprisingly fun, especially considering it's a marketing gimmick. And the best part is that you can play this game on the original Game Boy Color as long as you have a flash card like the EverDrive.

Play Grimace's Birthday


Like Ascent, Fáyer & Pato's Kitsu is designed for the PICO-8 and features the same low-resolution graphics. However, unlike Ascent, Kitsu bursts with color by mixing turn-based exploration with puzzles, resulting in a unique combination of gameplay that is superior to most browser games. Kitsu is a delightful blend of pixel art, hummable tunes, clever puzzles, and the cutest playable fox compared to Tunic.

Play Kitsu on Itch


A cute horror game with gorgeous artwork, Blackout brings back the classic adventure gameplay of The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. As you lead the young witch Marilyn deeper and deeper into the mysterious mansion, dodge living corpses, creeping vines and black cats. With a basic inventory system, devious puzzles, Halloween-themed music, and a fun storyline, it's an enjoyable way to unwind.

Play Blackout on

Cookies Baker

Like Grimace's Birthday, Cookies Baker is a modern game that can be played on the original hardware or directly in the browser. Created with GB Studio, the incredible open-source game creation software for the Game Boy, it mashes Cooking Mama, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and turns it into an adorable game about saving your town's winter festival.

Play Cookies Bakery on

Minecraft Classic

Did you know that you can play Minecraft directly in your browser? Isn't this amazing? If you've never played Minecraft before, this version, based on the classic original builds of the legendary game, places you in a procedurally generated world created from pixel blocks and allows you to build as you wish. Does the browser version lack the features and quality of life improvements from later versions of the game? Certainly! But it's still Minecraft, right in your Google Chrome tab.

Play Minecraft Classic

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