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Nine free apps that will change your life for the better

The beauty of the internet is that every now and then someone asks a completely innocuous question, and people respond with answers that could potentially change the reader's life. This time, someone on Reddit asked about apps that are so good that it's hard to believe they're free. The responses highlighted a lot of great apps that are definitely worth checking out. Writes about this Lifehacker.

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Recipe apps

Recipe apps and sites often have trouble getting to the point. It's common to see a long blog post that tells the story behind a recipe. If you want to have a resource where you can find recipes (without too much story), try using a few of Reddit's recommendations.

Copy Me That has received the most recommendations, and many users note its generous free tier. For those who want to support the developers, there is a premium subscription with additional features.

Also recommended Recipe Keeper, praised for its slick design and ability to scan recipes from printed books, and MiNoms, which has all the basic features and an affordable app purchase to unlock additional features.

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Best Bird Watching App

If you enjoy bird watching in your area, then Merlin Bird ID - a required application. It allows you to quickly identify birds and learn more about them. The application allows you to view photographs of birds, hear their sounds and understand the characteristics of their migration. Many Reddit users noted that as they grew older, they began to become interested in birds and that this application became indispensable for them.

Read and listen to books for free

Your local library is a treasure trove of books you can access for free, and now you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the library. Download the free app Libby, enter your library card details and gain access to extensive archives. The collection varies depending on what books are available in your library. If you have a valid library card, you can use Libby to borrow books without visiting the library.

Stream live TV audio to your phone

If you are in public places where it is noisy and you cannot hear the TV, or if the TV is turned off, you can use Tunity to broadcast sound to your phone. If you're trying to stream audio from a TV screen, this app will get the job done. It cannot stream audio from YouTube or other streaming services.

Identify any song that is playing near you

If you are on the street and hear a song that you really like, you can use a music recognition service to help you identify it. People on Reddit highly recommend it Shazam, but you can also just ask Siri or Google Assistant to identify the song. These services are built into the smartphone and are free.

Find out where you can watch any movie or TV show

With a plethora of streaming services and ever-changing content rights, it can be difficult to know which service can stream the movie or show you really want to watch. To solve this problem, you should download the program JustWatch. With it, you can enter the name of a movie or series and find out where you can watch it. If you don't want to download the app, the website will do the job just as well.

Make it easy to learn new things

When you are trying to learn something new, such as a language, poetry, or even studying for exams, you should try using flash cards to speed up the process. Anki allows you to use flash cards to improve learning. The web version and Android app are free to use, while the iPhone app costs $25.

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Improve your knowledge for free

This choice may seem obvious, but it's so good it's worth mentioning. Wikipedia is the world's largest encyclopedia, and completely free. If you want to improve your knowledge of history, current events, sports and many other topics, Wikipedia is a great starting point. True, it may not always be reliable, so double-check the facts.

Find interesting sites quickly

Many Redditors mentioned StumbleUpon, a now-defunct browser extension that let you find sites on the Internet. If you also miss this extension, then you can try the application Web Roulette!, which recreates a similar experience with a beautiful design. It can be downloaded for free on iPhone. You can also look at the Kagi search engine, which has tools for finding small sites.

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