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The girl has been pretending to be her dead twin sister for 3 years so that her relatives do not know about her death

Blogger on TikTok says she pretends to be her twin sister every holiday for her grandparents who don't know she died 3 years ago.

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Annie Niu, a TikToker with over 100 followers, posted a video over Christmas revealing that her twin sister had died three years ago. Their grandparents didn't know about it, so Annie herself called them every holiday pretending to be her.

Niu shared a short video of her talking on the phone, presumably with her grandparents. It has been viewed 9,2 million times.

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The blogger supplemented the original video with a post with explanations, and it received more than 1 million views. Annie said her sister, who she did not name, died of meningitis, an infection of the protective membranes around the spinal cord and brain that usually affects babies, children and teenagers. Despite available vaccines that provide some protection, meningitis infection can be fatal because it causes blood poisoning.

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Niu observed that it is customary in Asian culture to "protect older people from terrible news."

“Many people think that grandparents deserve to know,” she said. “But they don’t deserve to die, and there is no guarantee that this will not happen if you tell them the truth.”

According to Annie, she and her sister were "mostly raised" by their grandparents, so they were very close.

“Perhaps we will just continue to come up with excuses why she does not visit them,” the blogger said.

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Niu admitted that she dreams about her sister almost every night.

“I treat it like I still spend half my life with her because I see her every night,” she explained.

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Niu's video received thousands of comments, some offering support and others questioning the choice. TikTok colleague Danisha Carter thinks Niu's decision to impersonate her dead sister "makes sense" and she's "surprised that people didn't get it."

“A very selfless decision to protect my grandparents. It must be very painful,” wrote one user. “Sending you lots of love.”

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