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The girl applied glue instead of hairspray and now threatens to sue the manufacturing company

Tessica Brown applied Gorilla Glue to her hair instead of styling spray. The glue could not be washed off, and the girl is suing the company, since the instructions did not say that the product should not be applied to the hair. Writes about it TMZ.

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The company said Tessica's story is a unique situation. And the product she used "is not recommended for use in or on hair as its effect is permanent."

Gorilla Glue (GG) says spray adhesive is designed to attach objects to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate and fabric.

Tessica says her hair was firm for about a month after she replaced her regular hairspray with Gorilla Glue. GG said the fastest remedy is rubbing alcohol, but Tessica says it has absolutely no effect.

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Tessica spent approximately 22 hours in the emergency room of the hospital and the staff were stunned. Medical workers applied acetone to the back of her head, but it burned the scalp and only made the glue sticky, and later it hardened again. Tessica was instructed to keep trying a potential cure at home

The company stated that it regrets what happened, and is glad that Tessica is trying to recover, and wishes her all the best.

Tessica has hired a lawyer and plans to sue Gorilla Glue. The product label says the glue cannot be applied to eyes, skin or clothing without mentioning hair, she says, which she believes misleads consumers.

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GG assures that all of its products have a permanent effect, and this is also indicated on the packaging. But Tessica said the product also states that it is versatile.

The girl has already created a page on the GoFundMe portal to cover the treatment. So far, she has raised $ 9000.

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