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Dozens of frozen bodies and brains of wealthy Americans were stored in Russia: for what purpose

A fierce fight between the spouses during the divorce process led to the fact that employees of the ex-wife's company raided a leading Russian cryostorage owned by her ex-spouse and stole some of the frozen bodies from a liquid nitrogen tank. The publication told more about the incident. Daily Mail.

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Employees of the company, founded by 59-year-old Valeria Udalova, seized the frozen remains of people, including those from the UK and the United States, who paid thousands of dollars in the hope that they would be brought back to life when science allows it.

The owner of the firm and her team reportedly raided the company of her ex-husband Danila Medvedev, 41, near Moscow, where Russia's leading cryostorage is located.

They drained liquid nitrogen from giant tanks containing frozen bodies, grabbed them and some of the brains stored there, and then put everything in trucks.

The police were called in and intercepted an eerie load of human remains preserved to give people a chance to "come back to life" in the future of Frankenstein technology.

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But Medvedev said: “Valeria was not caught by the police. She left taking someone's brain from the cryostorage. The brains of our neuroscientists were kept separately, in special metal medical boxes. "

Both Medvedev, who runs KrioRus, and his ex-boss Udalova, who founded a new company called Open Cryonics in the Tver region, claim to be the rightful owners of the human remains.

Currently, the police are examining the statements and demanding from the feuding ex-spouses to guarantee the "integrity" of the frozen corpses and brains, as well as the bodies of dozens of dogs and cats, which the owners wanted to bring back to life in the future.

There are concerns that the remains may have been damaged during the seizure.

“There was a risk of damage because cryochambers could not be transported in a horizontal position, "- said Medvedev.

“When trying to steal our cryochambers, most of the nitrogen spilled out,” added KrioRus expert Aleksey Potapov.

The human remains "began to heat up."

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Udalova claims that she was unjustly kicked out of her old company and that she is the rightful owner of her assets.

“There are many orders from different countries, especially from dog and cat owners,” she explained. "This is the reason why Medvedev wanted to take KrioRus for himself."

The cost of cryopreservation of the whole body is about $ 36 thousand, and separately for the brain - $ 15 thousand.

The company's warehouse contained the bodies of 82 patients, including 25 foreigners.

Among the brains frozen in a Moscow store is Dr. Yuri Pichugin, who died in 2018 after inventing a chemical cocktail that keeps people deep-frozen for posterity at minus 196 ° C.

It is argued that the brain, "awakened" in the coming decades or centuries, can be implanted in another human body.

For some, this is a fantastic nightmare and a terrible insult to nature, for others - a real perspective and a step towards eternal life.

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