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Tens of thousands of Americans received financial assistance twice in connection with coronavirus

While lawmakers are considering another round of payments in connection with the coronavirus, many US residents have already received money twice - by mistake. Fox Business.

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Lawmakers are working to potentially release another round of payments to financially support the Americans, but new data shows that some people mistakenly received two checks during the first round.

According to a recently published report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, about 98% of the payments made by the IRS were correct. This means that almost 154 million of the 157 million checks as of May 21 are accurate.

The rest were either inaccurate in quantity, or were sent to people not eligible for these payments.

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According to the report, one of the difficulties is that tens of thousands of people received double payments.

As of May 21, about 46 people mistakenly received two payments, which amounted to more than $ 760 million. Among them, people who filed joint tax returns in marriage in 69, and self-contained declarations in 2018.

The IRS asks these people to voluntarily return duplicate payments.

Another 1,2 million payments (less than 1% of 157 million) were sent to dead or prisoners.

In addition, 309 payments were made to people who were most likely non-residents of the United States.

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Meanwhile, some people who are eligible for payments have not yet received them. Among them, more than 1,3 million beneficiaries of the Social Security Administration and veterans.

Earlier, government officials and senior Republican lawmakers said another round of payments is possible in connection with the coronavirus.

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