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The Ten Worst Travel Spots in the US, According to Disappointed Travelers

Each of us prepares for vacation for a very long time and carefully. We think about where we will go, what dishes we want to try, what magnificent sights we want to see. Even if you're not a fan of history or art, it's impossible to avoid specific tourist spots, and you wouldn't want to. Can you consider that you have been to Paris if you have not visited the Eiffel Tower? Although for every Mona Lisa worth seeing, there's a corn palace you'll definitely want to miss. People have their opinions about tourist traps, particularly the ones you should avoid the next time you're in the US. Edition Time-out has collected places that, according to Reddit users, are best not to include in your tourist itinerary.

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1. South of the Border | Hamer, South Carolina

This quaint South Carolina recreation area is located just below the North Carolina border (hence the name). It served as the halfway point between Florida and New York in the days when people traveled between the two cities. Kids here still enjoy the huge sombreros and amusement park rides, but most adults grumble at the thought of stopping here to take a photo under a giant Mexican hat or buy a souvenir.

2. Original Starbucks | Seattle, Washington

The first Starbucks store, located on a cobblestone street next to Pike Place Market, is a mecca for coffee lovers patient enough to wait in line for virtually the same drink they could drink at any other Starbucks. True, they sell a limited number of goods here and serve special specialty roasted coffee. But there still remains the problem of the queue, which during peak hours can stretch for an entire block.

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3. Plymouth Rock | Plymouth, Massachusetts

One of the most disappointing monuments on this list, Plymouth Rock is nothing more than a disappointing boulder, claims one Reddit user. The supposed landing site of the Mayflower is a popular tourist attraction. It is often visited by students from nearby educational institutions during excursions. It seems that for most New England schoolchildren, feeling completely let down by a historical landmark is a rite of passage.

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4. Southernmost point | Key West, Florida

The southernmost point of the continental United States is a featureless concrete buoy rising above the ocean. If you're in Key West, this is a must-have photo spot, but if you're in the Upper Keys, it's not worth looking for. On it you can see the inscription “90 miles to Cuba”; the southernmost point is closer to Cuba than to the Florida mainland.

5. Corn Palace | Mitchell, South Dakota

The world's only corn palace takes on a new look with each harvest season, decorated with locally grown corn and grain and themed murals. Showcasing the region's bounty, this agricultural landmark is one of the finest basketball facilities in the country.

6. Navy Pier | Chicago, Illinois

It's probably worth a visit after you've seen and done absolutely everything there is to see and do in Chicago. There's nothing remarkable here, says one Reddit user, citing that places like Fisherman's Wharf at least have sea lions and other animals.

7. Alamo | San Antonio, Texas

Complaints about the Alamo are like most bad reviews of places you've seen on TV: they're much smaller than expected. This is a historic Spanish mission where a battle took place in 1836 between Texas revolutionary forces and the Mexican army. A significant place that some Reddit users still consider a tourist trap.

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8. Mount Rushmore | South Dakota

People visit this site in South Dakota because of the massive sculptures depicting US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The granite faces, about 60 feet (18,2 m) high, are a sight to behold, but can also be easily Googled. You might want to think about this question.

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9. Times Square | New York, New York

The issue has been the subject of controversy as some have championed this area of ​​New York City for its incredible sights and twinkling lights - a sight to behold at night. Sure, the souvenir shops aren't great and the street performers can be shady, but there's a certain magic here.

10. Bourbon Street | New Orleans, Louisiana

This street is not for everyone, so some Reddit users consider it dirty and overrated. However, if you're looking for epic, year-round partying that goes big during Mardi Gras, there's no better place than Bourbon Street.

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