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Ten reasons why immigrants regret moving to the United States

Almost everyone has thought about moving, and the United States usually comes to mind first. It is a developed and inviting country. But - with a different mentality and culture. Therefore, many of our immigrants cannot get used to the new "rules of life" and leave the States. About ten that Russian-speakers in the USA do not like, the edition told Subtleties.

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The cost of living in the United States is strikingly different from the cost of living in post-Soviet countries.

If you buy everything you need in supermarkets and try to cook food at home, then groceries cost about $ 15– $ 20 per day, that is, $ 450– $ 600 per month. Renting a room costs $ 600– $ 800, a separate apartment - $ 1 per month (it all depends on the city and region). The minimum wage in the United States is $ 400 per hour (average $ 15 per month).

If the family has a child, and there is no free school nearby, then you can send it to a private one, but this is another $ 1.


Professionals are needed in any country, including the United States. With a good education (legal, medical, etc.), finding a job will be easy. But due to the large number of immigrants in the States, many work as waiters, babysitters, and laborers. And this makes it a little difficult to find such a job, creates unnecessary competition and stress, because a person must hold on to his workplace with all his might.

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Taxes and gratuities

Almost all immigrants complain about price tags in stores. The fact is that the prices are indicated there without tax, so you have to calculate yourself how much this or that product will cost. In addition, taxes are different in each state. At first, all this is very frightening for the Russian-speaking.

And a tip should be left always and everywhere, if you leave less than 15%, the waiter will be noticeably sad, and if you leave nothing at all, he may even catch up to find out what you didn’t like.


The public transportation system in the United States is poorly developed. There is practically no such thing as intercity buses, because many have private cars, besides, there is a very developed air service within the country.

You also need to spend money on the maintenance of your own car, and preferably one for each adult family member. Insurance - $ 120- $ 150, gasoline costs $ 0,70 per liter. The fines here are large, so it's better not to break the rules ($ 70 - for an unfastened seat belt, $ 450 - for driving on the side of the road, from $ 500 - for aggressive driving).


In the United States, all medicine is insurance, for the poor there are types of benefits and insurance. And if you do not have an insurance policy, then the debts on bills for treatment will be unaffordable. This is one of the most common causes of American bankruptcy. Full family insurance costs $ 1– $ 500 per month (although most of it is usually covered by the employer), but the costs are justified, because even calling an ambulance without insurance can cost thousands.

US citizens and legally resident low-income aliens are eligible for free Medicaid.

Homeless and crime

Especially in warm states, there are a lot of homeless people on the streets, and not all of them are victims of circumstances: many express their protest against the system in such a radical way. There are times when homeless people behave very arrogantly and intrusively.

Another problem, according to our immigrants, is crime. In cities there are criminal areas where they can easily shoot, because weapons can be purchased here legally, and whoever is not sold legally, they will find another way.


As such, there is no national cuisine in the States. Therefore, the menu in the restaurants is varied; here you can find a mix of Indian and Chinese, Mexican and Italian restaurants. And in the store you can find many different semi-finished products, because Americans work a lot and very often do not cook at home. Our immigrant who craves borscht and dumplings, of course, is unlikely to like it.


In the United States, no one cares what others think of him. Going out in pajamas for coffee is the norm here. Unfortunately, not everyone perceives others and themselves as they are. Therefore, our immigrants, who are accustomed to running a marafet even to take out the trash, are very hard to get used to body positivity and informality.


Americans are very welcoming to everyone, but when it comes to personal, they tend to stay aloof. If you are not being asked for advice, it is best not to interfere with advice on how to live and what clothes to wear. When you violate the privacy of Americans, they will cut you off sharply and harshly. It is not accepted here to go with advice, as our grannies are used to on the benches.

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In addition, Americans often consider Russians to be rude, because when learning a language we do not learn the phrases "can I ask" or "could you tell me", but simply ask directly. This is also not very good.


At first, nostalgia hits everyone. And this is normal, because you left your country, your usual life. In some cases, all your relatives also remained there “overseas”. For the first few years, immigrants, even with brilliant English and a talent for making new acquaintances at lightning speed, inevitably feel like outsiders.

But, despite all these difficulties, many immigrants make families, friends, open businesses, learn to look at the world wider than the USSR taught, and in the end they recognize that the United States is a country of opportunities, and here they found real happiness. And those who cannot settle down in the States return to their homeland, because there is happiness for them.

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