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Ten amazing caves in California

California's national parks are full of mysteries. One of the latest finds discovered in the Sequoia National Park is a chain of caves with stalactites. Who knows, maybe the next discovery will be made by you if you go through routewho prepared ForumDaily.

Crystal caves. Photo: Shutterstock

1. Crystal Cave

About 15 years ago, no one suspected that a real repository of crystals was hiding in the Sequoia National Park. The cave was discovered by accident and included in a small list of dungeons open to tourists. It is said that there are about 250 caves in the Sequoia National Park. But only experts know about them. First, some of the caves are not safe. Secondly, for some of the caves, you and I are not safe. For several years, tourists have caused such damage to nature that some stalactite caves were closed - they were afraid that people would take away not only stalactites, but also bats. By the way, the Crystal Cave is famous for the fact that there are practically no bats here. So if you are an impressionable person, then you can come here without fear.

Book tickets better in advance on Online. The cave tour is simple, takes 50 minutes and does not oblige you to any extreme sports. Even kids and pensioners can handle this route. But if you want to go on a serious route, then book another tour. It lasts 6 hours, tourists are equipped, lanterns are given out, but you should not go on such a trip without good physical fitness. Children under the age of 10 will not even be allowed on the difficult route. However, you should not despair. Beautiful stalactites and crystals can also be seen in huge natural halls with underground mountain streams through which an easy route runs.

Address: Sequoia National Park, CA

2. Homemade Fresno Caves

An amazing place with an amazing history is located in the city of Fresno. This history is over 115 years old. At the beginning of the last century, the handsome Italian Balthazar Forestier came to America with a dream of a garden city. True, in order to build it, I had to first work a little at the construction site of the subway. For six years he dug tunnels under New York, and when he made a decent fortune, he came to California and, on the advice of an acquaintance, invested all the money in buying citrus orchards near Fresno. Alas, the fraudster did not warn that the land was barren and nothing would grow there.

With grief, Balthazar took up his favorite business - he dug a cave for himself and settled underground. And he liked it so much that for the remaining 40 years of his life he dug labyrinths under Fresno and built a city. And not just a city, but a garden city, as planned. Balthazar was carried away by garden experiments and was able to grow the most real citrus gardens underground!

The makeshift caves still host guests, and some trees that are over 70 years old still bear fruit, which is rare for citrus fruits. To make sure that there are no events scheduled in the underground city on the day you planned your trip, check out broker caves.

Address: 5021 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93722

3. Cave Moaring

It is believed that these caves are 13 thousand years old. Moaning impresses with its arches, which in some parts of the cave reach 3000 meters! Moaning Cave is considered the highest in California. It got its name in honor of the sounds that fill it: mo-ning-mo-ning-mo-ning - this is how water drips down the neck of the bottle shape and echoes through the cave.

Tours are designed for visitors with children, and on extreme. True, the most dangerous places were closed to visitors just in case. The fact is that bones of about a hundred people were found in several gorges. All of them were very ancient, some - about 2000 years. It is believed that all these people fell into the gorges when they could not stay on the slippery paths of the cave. So away from sin, the most dangerous passages were closed.

Before visiting the Moaning Caves, check out broker и make sure there are tours on that day.

Address: 5350 Moaning Cave Rd, Vallecito, CA 95251

4. Subway Cave

Photo: Shutterstock

The amazing cave formed by lava is striking in its grandeur. It looks like a metro tunnel, with the only difference that it was not people who built it, but nature itself. The places where hot lava passed more than 10 thousands of years ago are still visible on the walls of the cave. Special training and equipment for the walk is not required.

One has only to dress warmly, because the temperature in the cave is much lower than in the air. Sometimes on a hot summer day it can be zero Celsius here. The walk takes a little time. With photographing and looking at the bizarre drawings left by the lava, it can take 40 minutes.

Address: Old Station, CA 96071

5. Sea Elephant Cave

To understand why the cave got its name, you should come to the place, enter the cave and turn around. The shape of an elephant gave the name to this dungeon. A walk through the cave can be safely called a safari. No other dungeon in California can boast of so many wild animals. At the entrance, the main thing is not to frighten off the cormorants. On low tide seals rest near the cave, and a herd of deer often approaches the very entrance.

The map ebbs and flows are worth exploring in advance. If you go to the Elephant Cave on high tide days, you can simply not get into it, because the entrance will be flooded.

Tourists are not taken to sea caves, but they are not closed from extreme people either. If you enter the cave at high tide, you will be knee-deep in water. Such walks are usually suitable for people with good physical fitness. Children can only be taken to the Elephant Cave if they can easily overcome the path from the nearest parking lot to the caves, which is an hour at a fast pace. And you need more strength to inspect the cave and on the way back. Equipment - gloves, flashlights and warm clothes - you need to take with you.

Address: McClures Beach, CA 94956

6. Vasco Caves

They were formed over 10 thousand years ago. They were kept secret from tourists for a long time, because they were afraid of human intervention in the life of a natural treasure. Plants, frogs and salamanders, which were considered long gone, managed to survive here. In addition, the largest golden eagles in the world nest above the entrance to the caves. These predators are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

A walk through the Vasco cave should not be planned on a hot day. Due to the fact that they are shallow, there is no usual coolness in the caves, but rather stuffy and hot. Here they ask you not to take pictures with flashes, so as not to scare the bats, which peacefully doze under the arches.

Address: Byron, CA 94514

7. Balcony caves

Photo: Shutterstock

Do you love bats and are you ready to let them tickle your nose? Then welcome to the caves, which have chosen the largest colony of bats in California. They live on original stone balconies - hence the name of the cave. The people in this cave are just guests, and the bats are the hosts. Therefore, when babies are born to mice, the cave is closed to tourists. This usually happens in the middle of summer.

At other times of the year, you should pay attention to the weather - tourists are also not allowed in when it rains, because it becomes slippery and unsafe in the cave. Before you travel, check is open Is there a cave for visitors?

Address: Highway 146, Pinnacles National Park, Paicines, CA 95043

8. Chumash painted cave

This is one of the most beautiful caves in California. It is not that big in size, but the paintings that adorn the sandstone walls are worth it to get to the Chumash caves. The theme of the drawings is mainly cosmic, at least in the interpretation that they could afford 1000 years ago. The caves were named after the tribe of Indians, who left the drawings. Some of them were made by the first white settlers. To prevent damage to the rock art, tourists are asked not to photograph with a flash. Before you travel, just in case, take a look at broker and check if the cave is closed due to weather conditions.

Address: Hwy 154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

9. Mercer Caves

Iron flowers are not a description from a fairy tale, but a natural wonder that can be seen in the Mercer Caves. They are known throughout the world for the deposits of a rare type of aragonite. The gem is called cave pearls and marble onyx. This amazingly beautiful crystal lives for about 10 million years, and then turns into the most ordinary pebble. So, as they say, hurry to see - Mercer Caves are not eternal. True, there are still several million years before the complete disappearance of “iron flowers” ​​(as natural sculptures made of aragonite are called).

Address: 1665 Sheep Ranch Road, Murphys, CA

10. California cave

When gold mining began to fade away, there were no more people who wanted to have fun. Today, instead of social events, other entertainments are offered - crawling with a flashlight on your head along the narrow natural corridors of the cave. Therefore, when going to the California cave, take a change of clothes and shoes with you.

Address: 9565 Cave City Rd, Mountain Ranch, CA 95246.

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