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The ten most common mistakes when applying for a green card

Every year more than a million people apply for a green card in the United States. This is a very important moment for all families, and for many it is the first step towards American citizenship. Often, documents filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) contain errors on the part of applicants. Because of them, consideration of the issue of issuing a green card may be delayed or even lead to failure.

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Site Simple citizen analyzed the most common reasons why the documents on the green card can not accept. ForumDaily publishes a translation of this article.

1. You did not submit all required forms.

Possible loss of time: from 6 months to 2 years

Possible loss of money: $500

Applying for a green card is not the only form you fill out and submit to a US government agency. It is not that simple. A green card application is a complex web of 8-12 of various government forms, plus additional documents. Together they make up a green card application. You can apply for a status change for a relative who is already in the United States or fill out an application for a green card for a spouse or parent who lives in another country. In any case, you will have to submit several forms in order to eventually receive a green card.

If you do not submit any form, it is guaranteed to create a delay in the consideration of the application. In some cases, for example, you can submit all required forms to a US government agency at the same time. This is called simultaneous feeding, and it helps to shorten the process by years. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have not missed a single form, otherwise you will lose valuable time.

2. Documents not translated into English

Possible loss of time: 6 months

When submitting documents to the green card, you hand over a lot of additional documents proving your identity. This is a birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver's license, passport, visas, bank accounts, etc. If you are not from an English-speaking country, then the documents need to be translated into English. If you do not translate documents and do not certify a translation, this may delay consideration of the application by up to six months.

3. No signature on forms

Possible loss of time: 6 months

Possible loss of money: $ 50-100

All efforts spent on the perfect filling of forms will be in vain if you have not signed them, and exactly where you need them. This is important: make sure you SIGNED ALL FORMS. Also make sure you understand correctly who should sign which form. In some places, the recipient of the green card, the “beneficiary” or the “applicant”, signs. In other cases, the one who sponsors the recipient of the green card, he is the “applicant” or “applicant” on individual forms, signs. This is hard to understand, but if you don’t understand at all, then USCIS will automatically reject the application. Take a few minutes to re-check everything before sending the documents to the US government.

4. Incorrect payment of the filing fee

Possible loss of time: 2-4 months

Many people pay wrong government green card processing fees. Each USCIS form contains instructions on how much to pay to process that particular form or application. For an application for a green card, get ready to shell out more than $ 1 into the account of the US government. If you pay $ 000-100, this indicates some kind of error. USCIS will return your application along with an invoice for the correct amount, and you will automatically be moved to the back of the queue, which cannot but disappoint.

5. You missed important deadlines.

Possible loss of time: 6 months

Other possible consequences: Refusal to accept the application

After you arrive in the United States and you start the process of applying for a green card, the clock begins to count down on several important deadlines that you must know about. Do not forget about the validity of your visa, the processing date of the application, the dates of the interview and, finally, the deadline for updating after 2. If you miss these dates, your application may be rejected. The US government is very strict with deadlines and assumes that if a person does not fulfill them, he does not want to get a legal residence permit. Make sure you understand the deadlines on the application, as well as where you need to be at this time, so as not to miss an important meeting and get a green card.

6. Random submission of false information

Possible loss of time: 6 months - 1 year

Other possible consequences: LIFETIME ban on entering the US

Incorrectly specified personal data, even if it is an accident, can be counted as the submission of false information in the questionnaire. If the US government suspects you of this, you will be uniquely banned from entering and may be forced to leave the United States forever. Always have on hand all the dates, places, details of convictions and other important details when filling out forms. So you will avoid mistakes in your own data and the subsequent ban on entry into the United States.

7. You fell into the hands of fraudsters

Possible loss of time: 6 months - 2 of the year

Possible loss of money: $ 500-5000 and more

Every year, thousands of people try to benefit from immigrants. One example is notaries. The most important thing to remember in the process of applying for a green card is “if everything sounds too good to be true, then probably it’s not true”. Stay away from websites that ask for a credit card number and do not give guarantees. Do not communicate with muddy lawyers who demand payment even before they figure out your case. Do most of the work yourself before confiding to someone asking for help with immigration documents. If you make a mistake and contact the fraudsters, you may lose the chance to get a residence permit forever.

8. You did not get the help you need.

Possible loss of time: 6 months

If you are trying to do something very difficult without outside help, there is a high probability that you will go wrong. When you learn to play chess, mistakes are good, you grow up on them and avoid them in the next game. But immigration is not a game; here mistakes are expensive. Do not waste valuable time and money trying to do everything yourself. Filling out immigration documents scares even those who are fluent in English. There are many organizations and resources that can help you with the process. Use them to avoid mistakes. Each year, USCIS rejects more than 100 000 applications because of errors that could have been avoided. With the right help, you can easily avoid these mistakes and save many months or even years of waiting. Not asking for help can be one of the most expensive blunders.

9. You do not meet the requirements for filing

Possible loss of time: 6 months

If you are applying for a green card, but do not meet the requirements, you will be refused. It is elementary, but sometimes it is difficult to understand how and when it can be served. If you apply for a green card too early, too late, or something else like this, you will lose many months of valuable time. USCIS has developed special tools with which to understand. Even if you’ve done it yourself, sometimes it’s helpful to consult with an immigration attorney to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

10. Problems with financial requirements

Possible loss of time: 2-4 months

When applying for a green card you need to have a financial sponsor. This person submits the I-864 form, Guarantee Letter of Support. There are several requirements for a financial sponsor: he must be a US citizen, reside in the USA and his income must meet the requirements in the I-864Р form, where the cost of living is prescribed to provide a letter of guarantee.

If your sponsor is not earning enough, he can invite another person to act as a co-sponsor, if together their income meets the requirements of the American government. But if one more person is added as a sponsor, the income requirements also increase. In general, in connection with the I-864 form, a number of errors can be made, so it is very important that you carefully read the requirements for this document.

This list is far from complete. When applying for a green card, it is possible for the applicant to make other mistakes. But if you devote enough time to this issue and carefully go through all the stages, there should be no problems. This is a fascinating part of your life, and let it pass easily and without stress.

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