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Ten differences in home improvement in the United States and in Russia

Everyone knows that the US and Russia are very different. These are different countries with their own way of life and mentality. And their views on life are completely different. However, rarely anyone undertakes to specify these differences. Therefore, we will try to consider what is the difference between countries using the example of repair and planning of housing in each of them, writes Home Chief.

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Kitchen in a private house: equipment and its use

Often in American homes, kitchen equipment is the dream of a Russian hostess. There will necessarily be a large and convenient sink with a hygienic shower, a huge refrigerator, a hob, an oven and a microwave. The area of ​​the kitchen is often comparable in size to the living room, however, even if a table is installed in the center, it is rarely used for eating. For a Russian hostess, cooking in such a kitchen would be a real pleasure. But even on weekends, when there is free time, Americans go to breakfast in cafes, where there are often long queues. As a result - a waste of money, time (at least an hour, until the turn comes). So it turns out that such a functional room is used occasionally.

Laundry and its arrangement

American homes are necessarily equipped with laundries - separate rooms (sometimes adjacent to the kitchen), which house a washing machine, dryer and many lockers (it is not clear why). It is not customary to place a washing machine in the bathroom or in the kitchen - they need it to be a separate room.

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Bathrooms and their number for one house

In the United States, the number of toilets is always equal to the number of rooms - regardless of the purpose of a particular room. Living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms and even game rooms are equipped with bathrooms. Perhaps because it is unrealistic for them to endure and walk 10 extra meters. Who knows.

Wardrobe of American houses: sizes, purpose

Another interesting fact of the planning of houses in the United States is the obligatory presence of a dressing room. And this is not just a wardrobe, but a completely full-fledged separate room, which in our country could be adapted for a small living room by reducing the number of wardrobes. It doesn't matter if the owners have so many things to fill all the lockers and hangers, or if there will be a pair of dresses, trousers and a jacket hanging in the dressing room. At the same time, you have to pay rent for the entire unused area, which can be called quite significant. The question is: what are these excesses for?

Repair in US homes: features and differences

If we talk about repair, then the Americans have an unwritten rule - the walls should be painted. At the same time, the coloring of all rooms in a single color is considered the top of the style. Only sometimes the shades may vary. But there is a caveat: even different shades should be in harmony - a sharp contrast is considered bad taste.

Unlike the United States, in Russia, home craftsmen try to choose different wallpapers or finishes in rooms, so that they get a certain change of scenery when moving from room to room. Sometimes in small apartments, in a similar contrast, it even turns out to divide one room, for example, into a living room and a children's area.

Bedroom flooring: what is more often used in the USA

Russians are used to having a carpet on the bedroom floor. It can be easily rolled up, taken out into the street and knocked out, or given for cleaning (washing) in case something is spilled on it. Well, if you wish, remove it altogether by changing the interior a little. Americans are less practical in this regard, and the floors in the bedroom must be covered with carpet. What exactly is the reason for laying such a floor covering and why they liked the carpet so much is unknown. In Russia, he was also popular, and relatively recently. However, today our people choose more practical materials.

Bathroom and shower

Bathrooms in American homes are more than oddly equipped. At first glance, everything is clear - a small bathtub, a spacious shower cabin next to it, but ... Above the bathroom, as expected, there is a shower head without a hose. It is originally built into the wall and all that can be done (and even then not always) is to turn it a little by changing the direction of the water flow. Quite an unusual solution.

Moreover, if we take into account the presence of a shower cabin, it becomes completely incomprehensible the purpose of such a watering can. Everything would be fine if it were located on a flexible hose, as they used to in Russia. One could use it at least for rinsing something.

Household appliances in the USA and Russia

In America, you can hardly find a home that is not equipped with a dishwasher. For them, this is as a matter of prime necessity, while in Russia most families do not even think about such an acquisition.

At the same time, one should not think that Americans do not know where to put their money and therefore acquire various household appliances, which they rarely use. In fact, most Americans live on credit and are very afraid of losing their jobs. Indeed, in this case, they will not be able to pay the installment to the bank, which is fraught with eviction in 2-3 months. And there already, either close to relatives, which is also not accepted in the United States, or on the street.

A bit about the height of the kitchen furniture

For Russia, the height of the kitchen table is very important. After all, all the furniture is made according to the standard. And our people are used to the fact that when a person sits at the dinner table, his feet are on the floor. But in most American homes, the countertops for snacks are much higher, so you can only stand near them or sit on a high bar stool. At the same time, it will not be possible to reach the floor with your feet.

An exception to this rule is the dining tables in the living room, at which the family gathers on holidays. However, such "common" dinners are rare in America.

Rental of housing: furnishings, cost

A very interesting topic of renting housing in the United States. If a person plans to rent a house, then he must understand: renting a house with furniture is not worth it. Usually, the presence of furniture in the rooms indicates that the owners had to leave the house for one reason or another and it can hardly be called comfortable for living. Professional landlords will never bring their furniture into the house - this is the tenant's problem. Therefore, when renting a house in America, you will have to think about where to get the furniture. And most often another loan is taken for this.

However, despite the lack of furniture in the rented houses, the kitchen should be equipped with the highest level - this is a mandatory rule. Otherwise, the rent may drop to zero - no one will rent a house without an equipped kitchen.

It is interesting that in Russia the availability of furniture increases the cost of renting housing, while in America it can, on the contrary, reduce the price. There is no need to talk about the kitchen, because if in Russia an apartment or house is rented out unfurnished, then the kitchen will most likely be empty, with the exception of the sink and stove.

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The number of rooms in the house and how they are determined

Russian realtors and those who simply want to sell or rent a house will necessarily indicate the number of rooms, which will include all premises, with the exception of a bathroom with a bath, a kitchen and a closet. The Americans do not understand at all here. If in the United States, during the sale, they said that the house was three-room, then in fact there could be both 3 and 10 residential premises. Is it strange? Let's try to understand why this happens.

The fact is that Americans only indicate the number of bedrooms. At the same time, the presence of a living room, playroom, guest rooms, and sometimes a separate room for a cinema and a hookah bar is not indicated. It turns out that it is impossible to understand in words the number of rooms in the house. And this is more than strange. After all, many decide to rent or buy (in addition to living space) based on the actual number of rooms.

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