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Ten small universities in the USA, after graduation from which it is easy to find a job

Graduates of these educational institutions have particularly high employment rates, writes MoneyTalksNews.

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While college is a time of personal and professional growth, for many students it is also a costly investment in their future. Students visit universities with the hope of getting well-paying jobs. However, not all universities are equally successful in terms of subsequent employment.

To draw attention to outstanding small universities, Zippia has compiled a list of the best universities in this format with high employability of former students after graduation.

Using information from the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the publication found colleges in every state with enrollment rates ranging from 1000 to 5000. They then found the highest employability ratings by looking at the employment rates of former students 10 years after graduation. And in the end they chose the institutions with the highest ratings.

10. University of Dubuque (Iowa)

  • Title: University of Dubuque
  • City: Dubuque, Iowa
  • Employment rate: 94,7%

Dubuque University motivates its students to get the jobs they want. Their employment rate of 94,7% shows what today's students already know - the education is of high quality and the school offers a follow-up support network. Approximately 2200 students attend the university, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an excellent private education in small classes.

9. Siena College (New York)

  • Name: Siena College
  • City: Loudonville, New York
  • Employment rate: 95,1%

This college has the highest employment rate in New York - an outstanding 95%. Students attending Siena can choose from 36 majors, over 80 destinations and certifications, and prestigious coeducational programs in the humanities, science and business. Although different students may like different subjects, the statistics show that the job market will please everyone.

8. University of St. John's (Minnesota)

  • Title: Saint John's University
  • City: Collegeville, Minnesota
  • Employment rate: 95,2%

The university has amassed an impressive legacy over 150 years, including a high employment rate for students who successfully start their careers after graduation.

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7. College St. Anselme (New Hampshire)

  • Name: Saint Anselm College
  • City: Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Employment rate: 95,2%

Saint Anselm has the highest employment rate of any small college in New Hampshire at 95%.

6. Providence College (Rhode Island)

  • Name: Providence College
  • City: Providence, Rhode Island
  • Employment rate: 95,3%

It is one of the largest colleges on this list. The Rhode Island institution will especially appeal to students looking for a balance between a small community feel and exciting social opportunities.

5. Wesleyan University of Illinois (Illinois)

  • Title: Illinois Wesleyan University
  • City: Bloomington, Illinois
  • Employment rate: 95,5%

It is a liberal arts university with an exceptional level of employment. Here, the admission rate is quite selective - 59%. However, incoming students receive a world-class education that makes them ready to enter the labor market.

4. Lebanon Valley College (Pennsylvania)

  • Name: Lebanon Valley College
  • City: Annville, Pennsylvania
  • Employment rate: 95,6%

In Pennsylvania, this small college is doing great when it comes to graduates ready to start: very high employability.

3. Stonehill College (Massachusetts)

  • Title: Stonehill College
  • City: Easton, Massachusetts
  • Employment rate: 95,8%

Stonehill College has the highest employment rate of any Massachusetts college at 95,8%. Apart from excellent job prospects, Stonehill offers its students a sense of a close-knit community with small classes. The school has a student-to-faculty ratio of 12: 1 and offers more than 100 programs in the liberal arts, sciences and business.

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2. Ohio Northern University (Ohio)

  • Title: Ohio Northern University
  • City: Ada, Ohio
  • Employment rate: 95,9%

This private university owned by the United Methodist Church is sure to appeal to students wishing to continue their education in a private religious institution. Applicants can be pleased with the high level of employment - 95,9%.

1. University of Augustan (South Dakota)

  • Title: Augustana University
  • City: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Employment rate: 96,1%

The University of Augustan is a small college ranked # 1000 in employment success among more than 96 institutions. An impressive XNUMX% of graduates have a paid job thanks to the education and support provided by this institution.

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