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Ten places in the USA that will pay you to move there

Many Americans moved during the pandemic-devastated 2020 due to job loss or fear of contracting the virus. Millennials and upper middle class people are also moving. Cargo handling and storage giant U-Haul has identified Tennessee, Texas and Florida as its top three travel destinations for 2020. And those outside the boom are working to lure workers and families to immigrate in the hopes of increasing their populations. How they lure people, the publication said. Money Talks News.

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1. West Virginia

West Virginia recently rolled out a remote recruiting program. The state is offering to pay $ 12 over two years, plus work space and free use of rented outdoor equipment that allows approved applicants to enjoy the state's many outdoor activities.

The Ascend WV program received a $ 25 million gift from former West Virginia CEO Brad Smith and his wife, Alice.

Apply to relocate to the city of Morgantown, which is launching the program.

The money will be paid to recipients within two years:

  • $ 10 in equal monthly installments for the first year
  • An additional $ 2 at the end of the second year.

Terms of use include:

  • Be self-employed or work remotely out of state
  • Currently reside outside West Virginia and relocate to the Morgantown area within six months of being accepted into the program
  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident
  • Being a full-time remote worker whose job is outside West Virginia

Find out more - by link.

2. Tulsa (Oklahoma)

Eligible candidates must be able to relocate to the Tulsa area in calendar year 2021 and either have telecommuting full-time or self-employed outside Oklahoma.

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Accepted candidates will receive $ 10 upfront and a coworking job in downtown Tulsa. You must be at least 000 years old and must be eligible to work in the United States.

Find out more - by link.

3. Topeka (Kansas)

For moving here you will receive up to $ 15 and possibly even a $ 000 bonus.

Rent or buy a home in Shawnee County, Kansas within a year of moving there and hiring in the area or working remotely for an employer outside the county. There are rules on the Choose a Topic website, under the link.

Find out more - by link.

4. Northwest Arkansas (Arkansas)

The initiative offers $ 10 for relocation and a bike (to explore the region) or an annual membership to a local arts or culture institution. The council is investing over $ 000 million to attract the best talent to the region.

To take advantage of the Life Works Here initiative, you must:

  • Be at least 24 years old
  • Have at least two years of work experience
  • Currently reside outside of Arkansas
  • Work full time
  • Move to Northwest Arkansas within six months of being accepted
  • Be a U.S. citizen or be eligible to work legally in that country

Find out more - by link.

5. Newton (Iowa)

To participate in the Newton Housing Initiative, buy or build a new home and receive either $ 5000 (for homes ranging from $ 100 to $ 000) or $ 179 (for homes worth $ 999 or more).

Construction of his new one-family home is due to start in 2020 or 2021 and is fully completed.

Find out more - by link.

6. Hamilton County (Ohio)

The Hamilton Community Foundation offers a talent acquisition program to motivate new residents to the Southwest Ohio area to help them pay off student loan arrears. A private foundation supports the region (including Cincinnati), works to revitalize society and address social and health issues that affect children and families at the local level.

Eligible candidates must:

  • Complete your studies within the past seven years, preferably in a STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics)
  • Live outside designated areas in Hamilton County and plan to move to designated locations
  • Have or get a professional job in Hamilton or Butler County
  • Preference is given to those who want to participate in social activities. Program members can receive from $ 300 to $ 10 per month.

Find out more - by link.

7. Natchez (Mississippi)

Moving to this small historic town on the Mississippi River can bring a remote worker up to $ 2 in relocation compensation plus $ 500 per month for a year. The program was conceived to attract remote workers to Natchez.

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According to the economic development agency Natchez Inc., applicants must be willing to buy real estate worth at least $ 150, and also have a job with an employer outside the region.

Find out more - by link.

8. Shoals (Alabama)

Get $ 10 for a move to the Shoals area of ​​northwest Alabama.

To be eligible for the program, you need to:

  • Earn at least $ 52 per year
  • Move to the area within six months of receiving the award
  • Have a full-time telecommuting or self-employed independent contractor outside of Colbert and Lauderdale counties.
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Be at least 18 years old

Find out more - by link.

9. Mankato (Kansas)

You can get a good start to life in a small town with a free building plot in this north-central Kansas area of ​​about 900 people.

Among other requirements, candidates should:

  • Have a written agreement with the contractor to start construction within six months of the land acquisition
  • Get pre-approved by the lender
  • Build a single-family home with three (or more) bedrooms and a living space of at least 1200 square feet (111,5 m)2)
  • Complete construction within two years after taking possession of the land

Find out more - by link.

10. Lincoln (Kansas)

Lincoln offers free lots ranging from 14 to 000 square feet (35 m2 up to 3251,6 m2). The plots are ready for building in a residential complex with streets, running water and sewerage.

Applicants must agree to build a home of at least 1300 square feet (120,8 m2) within the agreed time frame and comply with the design guidelines.

Find out more - by link.

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