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Ten best shopping streets in the US

Many US cities boast shopping districts where you can buy almost everything. However, some of them are especially atmospheric, cute, and include not only shops, but also restaurants, as well as entertainment facilities.

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Edition USA Today collected a selection of the best of them.

Broughton Street, Savannah, GA

This southern coastal city, known for its squares and parks, is also a rich shopping and entertainment center, where, besides shops, you can find restaurants, bars and theaters.

High Street, Columbus, Ohio

Columbus has one of the highest number of fashion designers per thousand inhabitants, thanks to brand headquarters. Limited, Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitchlocated in the city. On the main market square of the city is located 670 different stores.

Philips Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This city is one of the best shopping centers in the country. Trade here is based on a public-private partnership. The streets with shops here are decorated with paintings and sculptures, it is worth seeing, even if you do not intend to buy anything.

Main Street, Greenville, South Carolina

This city is famous for its restaurants - there are 110 establishments on one street. In addition, there is an excellent park and stadium.

Lake Street, Petoskey, MI

This town has excellent shops, restaurants, parks and other places where you can have fun. Vacationers come here from cities such as Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis to enjoy bookstores, cafes, boutiques and sunny weather.

Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida

Hundreds of 20 thousand people visit hundreds of shops and restaurants of this city per day. In addition, here you can find good hotels, interesting galleries and museums.

First Avenue, Denver, Colorado

Shopping center Cherry creek is the tourist heart of the city. Currently there are more than 600 companies represented.

Main Street, Chatham, Massachusetts

Downtown Chatham boasts more than 300 specialty stores selling shoes, clothing, art and sporting goods. In addition, the city is famous for its atmosphere - there is a working lighthouse and weekly open-air concerts.

Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California

The shopping area of ​​this city seems a separate settlement with small atmospheric shops and cafes.

Spruce, Chestnut and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA

This huge city (the fifth largest in the United States) seems small and very sweet when you get to its shopping district.

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