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Ten U.S. Cities Where It's Incredibly Cheap to Live: Costs are 80% Below Average

The cost of living in the US continues to skyrocket. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average monthly household spending is $5 per month, or $577 per year. This is not far from the median annual income after taxes, which is approximately $66. If you want to live in an area where your salary will get you a little more, the publication Yahoo! collected the 10 most affordable places to live in the US.

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Hickory (North Carolina)

Looking for an inexpensive area with a small town vibe? Known as the Catawba Valley, Hickory has a temperate climate and mountain views with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. You'll find kayakers and canoeists in the Catawba River, as well as hiking trails that wind through the nearby mountains.

Rents and median home sales prices in Hickory are lower than the state average, and residents spend just 18,95% of median family income on housing. But the supply of houses is small, and finding suitable housing can be a challenge.

Youngstown (Ohio)

The cost of living in Youngstown is only 20,29% of the median income. Housing costs, including utilities, as well as food and medical expenses, are well below the national average, with the median home price of just $129.

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If you're looking for things to do in Youngstown, there are plenty of lakes, hiking and biking trails, historic sites, golf courses, and more. Youngstown has its roots in the steel industry.

Huntington (West Virginia) and Ashland (Kentucky)

Metro-area Huntington-Ashland, West Virginia-Kentucky-Ohio, known locally as the tri-state, comprises five counties and three states along the Ohio River. The tri-state has no shortage of activities, and the region is working on a rebrand to highlight the abundance of outdoor activities, theatres, museums and shopping.

Housing costs here are 20,69% of the average income, and property taxes are quite low. The median home price is $142 and rent is $775 per month.

Huntsville (Alabama)

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Huntsville is attractive with above-average annual salaries and a low cost of living. Only 19,62% of the average household income goes to pay for housing. The median home price is still well below the national average at $304, while rent is $290 per month.

Huntsville is considered one of the fastest growing urban areas in Alabama. In addition, there is the American Space and Rocket Center, including the space camp. Construction activity has increased in the city center, resulting in an increase in the number of shops, restaurants and apartments.

Fort Wayne (Indiana)

Fort Wayne has a population of less than 500, but those who live in the area spend only 000% of the median income on living. The median home price is quite affordable, roughly $20,07, and the median monthly rent is just $182.

Fort Wayne is known to be very family friendly and offers many outdoor activities. In addition, festivals and various events are held throughout the year. In addition, the area has a vibrant arts community with murals and sculptures throughout the region.

Beaumont (TX)

Beaumont is near the Texas-Louisiana border, and residents of this city typically spend 20,31% of the median household income on housing. Yet the population is declining as more people continue to leave. Residents pay only about $206 for a home and spend $792 a month on rent.

Art and music lovers will enjoy live performances and local art exhibitions. If you enjoy the outdoors, horseback riding, hiking trails, golf courses and beautiful botanical gardens are at your disposal.

Peoria (Illinois)

Residents of Peoria spend only 20,62% of their income on housing, largely due to low property prices. They pay $116 for the house and an average monthly rent of just $650. The cost of utilities and transport is below average.

Peoria is popular with tourists, as the Olde English Faire takes place in the early summer, and Oktoberfest and other autumn festivals take place in September. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the Santa Claus parade downtown at the end of the year. Other entertainment includes live music and theatrical performances, there are many parks and forest reserves.

Green Bay (Wisconsin)

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Green Bay is ranked #2023 on the 2024-19,92 list of the best places to live in the US by US News & World Report. Its residents spend just XNUMX% of the median household income on housing, the third-highest of any urban area on the list. However, the cost of goods and services is slightly higher.

Green Bay has plenty to do for avid sports and outdoor enthusiasts. They can take a tour of Lambeau Field or visit the Packers Hall of Fame and the Pro Shop. During the winter months, residents and visitors alike enjoy snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, while in the summer they enjoy boating and kayaking on the Fox River.

Four cities - Davenport and Bettendorf (Iowa), Moline and Rock Island (Illinois)

Along the state line between Iowa and Illinois is the Quad Cities, which includes Davenport and Bettendorf, as well as Moline and Rock Island. The population here spends 20,14% of the average family income on living, and the median home prices are approximately $135 (below the national average).

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Winters are cold here, while summers are hot and humid. The region is known for its theater scene as well as jazz and blues festivals during the summer. Quad Cities is the largest district on the Mississippi River, located just three hours from Chicago.

Knoxville (TN)

Knoxville residents spend 21,13% of the median household income on housing, which is much more affordable than in neighboring Nashville. The median home price is $335 and the rent is $283 per month.

Knoxville has a small-town feel to it, although it has the amenities you would normally find in big cities. Residents and guests of the city attend various festivals and cultural events held throughout the year.

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