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Money, food and entertainment: how countries are motivated to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Every country in the world has a different attitude towards vaccination. But many governments are trying to "lure" people into vaccinating with various gifts and treats. Examples of such incentives were collected by the publication with the BBC.

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In Belgrade, you can get 3000 dinars ($ 30) for vaccinations. But not everyone will receive the money, but only the first hundred of those vaccinated, so the action caused a great stir.

This is exactly what the Serbian government is trying to achieve - to motivate as many people as possible to get vaccinated. Serbia has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe, but growing skepticism about vaccines could make herd immunity difficult to achieve.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he was ready to pay 31 dinars to everyone who vaccinates by May 2021, 3000. Cafes and shopping malls have joined his campaign, offering discounts and offering free cakes and lunches to those who are vaccinated.

The Library near Milyutin cafe in Kragujevac has been holding a special open day for seven years now - everyone can come and donate blood. This year, the cafe did not change traditions, but replaced donating blood for a coronavirus vaccine.

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For those who came, a treat awaited - a bull on a spit and stewed game. And vaccines in the range - Chinese Sinopharm and US-German Pfizer / BioNTech. During the day, 60 people were vaccinated.


In Israel, food and juices were distributed to citizens. This campaign was carried out in the conservative Jewish community, whose members refuse vaccinations due to religious beliefs.

And in Israeli schools there was a kind of vaccination competition. " They could win tickets to various events that can be attended after the lifting of restrictive measures.


In Moscow, people over 60 years old, the mayor promised to issue gift cards for a thousand rubles.

And in Khabarovsk, pensioners were given 10 eggs for vaccination.


In the United States, many companies offered food, money, and cannabis.

A total of 250 million vaccinations have been made in the country. More than 100 million Americans have received both doses of the vaccine, and, according to the White House, by Independence Day, July 4, at least 70% of the US population should be fully vaccinated.

But according to statistics, one in five Americans does not plan to get vaccinated. To encourage them to vaccinate, almost every state has a specific campaign.

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Let's say in the state of New Jersey a program called "shot and beer" is announced. All residents of the state who get their first vaccination in May will receive certificates for a free beer or a glass of spirits in several bars.

Connecticut's own vaccination promotion program promises free alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks at several restaurants to participants who get one shot.

The Governor of Maryland has promised that all government employees will receive a check for $ 100 if they get vaccinated.

Detroit announced that every resident who takes a potential patient to a mass vaccination site for vaccination will receive a $ 50 gift card. The city does not limit the number of such trips in any way, but the authorities were quick to clarify that if the total amount of compensation exceeds $ 600, drivers will have to report this to the tax office.

In the state of West Virginia, all residents from 16 to 35 years old were offered $ 100 per injection, and in Los Angeles, they are going to give out to all vaccinated with a free bag of fruits and vegetables.

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