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Putin's birthday: his most vivid statements. Video

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October 7 Vladimir Putin celebrates his birthday. President of Russia turned 64 of the year.

Below are the most vivid phrases that have ever been uttered by Putin.

Wet in the toilet

“We will pursue terrorists everywhere: at the airport - at the airport, so you will excuse me, we will catch them in the toilet - we will soak them in the toilet, in the end. That's it, the issue is finally closed, "Putin said in September 1999, while still the head of the government of the Russian Federation.

She drowned

When asked by CNN host Larry King in September 2000 what happened to the Russian submarine Kursk, Putin said shortly: "She drowned."


The snow will be

“On the coast you can enjoy a beautiful spring day, while in the mountains it is real winter. I skied there six or seven weeks ago, and I know real snow is guaranteed, ”Putin said, speaking in July 2007 at the Sochi official presentation in Guatemala as a candidate for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Slave on galleys

“I am not ashamed in front of citizens who voted for me twice, electing to the post of President of the Russian Federation. All these eight years I plowed like a galley slave, from morning to night, and did it with all my might, ”Putin said in February 2008 at a“ big ”press conference in the Kremlin.

Watch here

“You have to look here! And listen to what I say! And if you are not interested, then please ... ”- said the President, addressing the officials who chatted at the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council and the Security Council in November 2003.


“If you are ready to become the most radical Islamist and are ready to circumcise yourself, I invite you to Moscow. I will recommend that you do the operation in such a way that nothing will grow in your country, ”Putin said in November 2002 after the Russia-EU summit in response to a journalist's statement that Russia is suppressing freedom in Chechnya.

Like a swiss watch

“I would like the government in Moscow, regional authorities and federal authorities in the territories of the Russian Federation, like a Swiss watch, to thresh continuously, right up to the elections and immediately after the elections, between March and May 2008,” he said last September at a meeting with members of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi.

Also overheard

“In terms of the press, I can say the way we joked when I worked for a completely different organization. They were sent to spy, and they eavesdrop. Ugly, ”he said, answering questions during a“ direct line ”with the Russians in October 2006 about the publication of one of his statements, which was not intended for the press.

It's not easy for Bush

“There are many bosses, but the final word belongs to the head of state. This, of course, is not an easy moral burden ... This applies to the head of any state - both small and large. Do you think Bush is easy? ” He asked rhetorically, answering journalists' questions at a “big” press conference in February.

Donkey ears

“We will not negotiate (with the Baltic states) on the platform of any territorial claims. They will not receive the Pytalovsky district, but ears from a dead donkey, ”Putin said at a meeting with the Komsomolskaya Pravda team in May 2005, speaking about Latvia's claims to the Pytalovsky district.

Chewing snot

“Are we going to chew snot here for years? How much have we been talking about this topic since 99? Almost nothing happens, just talking. All of this is joking there, without ceasing, in huge quantities. And nothing has been done to stimulate processing in Russia. I have drawn the government's attention to this issue several times already, and it's all just talk. I understand what this is connected with - and you understand: it is connected with lobbying exporters. They think about their economic interests, and you must think about the interests of the Russian people, ”he said in March 2006 at a meeting with members of the government.

Smelly "Khrushchevs"

“Work through the issue of changing the standards for the construction of residential buildings, primarily residential buildings, for military personnel, and let's start with the Far East. I draw your attention to this and I want it to be done quickly and worthy of the Russian officers, so that our people stop living in these stinking Khrushchevs, ”Putin said last November at a meeting with the leadership of the armed forces.

White dwarf

“Lev Matveyevich, at my request, for me and for my colleagues from among the permanent members of the Security Council, recently read a series of lectures on the problems of the origin of the Universe, planetary research, research on the Sun, the interaction of the Sun, the Earth and other planets. Very interesting and useful…. Lev Matveyevich told many interesting things, including that in seven billion years the Sun will cease to exist and turn into some kind of white dwarf. This prospect is very upsetting, although it is distant, ”he admitted at a meeting of the State Council Presidium on space in Kaluga in March last year.

Sexual signs

“If my grandmother had certain sex characteristics, she would be a grandfather. Politics does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, ”he said, answering at a June 2006 meeting with the heads of the leading news agencies of the GXNUMX countries to a question about the possibility of sanctions against Iran.

For one place

“Everyone must understand for themselves once and for all: we must always obey the law, and not only when they were grabbed for one place,” Putin said in an interview with Italian media in November 2003, talking about the Yukos case.

Portraits on eggs

When asked at a press conference in June 2002 to comment on the president's portraits on Easter eggs that had appeared, he said: “Do they paint on eggs? I don’t know what they paint on the eggs, I haven’t seen ”.

Last sex

“They asked me when I started having sex,” Putin said, referring to an Internet conference in July 2006. "Well, when?" - asked the journalists. "I do not remember. And I remember exactly when I did it the last time. I can determine to the nearest minute, ”he replied.

Above all head

“I think that at least a statesman should have a head. And in order to build interstate relations, one must be guided not by emotions, but by the fundamental interests of their countries, ”Putin said in response to a request at a“ big ”press conference in February to comment on Hillary Clinton's statement that he has no soul.

A real man

Answering a question from a journalist in December 2004 at a press conference in the Kremlin whether there are problems with freedom of speech in Russia, and where there are more of them, in the capital or in the regions, Putin recalled a quote from the film: “In a famous Italian film there is such a phrase - "A real man should always try, and a real woman should resist." He suggested that the media act in accordance with this phrase.

There is land

At a "big" press conference in the Kremlin, when asked by a Russian journalist about a possible and frightening denomination, Putin snapped: "Yes, they are all lying!" “What do you want? So that I could eat the earth from a pot of flowers and swear on blood? " - Putin answered the request of the journalist to give guarantees that there will be no denomination.

Smeared on pieces of paper

“As for the various rumors about my financial condition, I looked at some pieces of paper in this regard. This is just chatter that is not easy to discuss. Nonsense, "- said Putin at a" big "press conference, answering a question from a correspondent of one of the Western agencies about the sources of the Russian president's wealth, which the journalist called the largest in Europe. “They took everyone out of their noses and smeared them on their papers,” the president added to the laughter of the audience.

Put on grants

“The so-called foreign foundations for schools are working. They just rummage around the schools of the Russian Federation for many years under the guise of supporting talented youth. In fact, like a vacuum cleaner sucked out. Applicants are taken straight from school, put on grants and taken away, ”Putin said in 2015.

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