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Thanksgiving and Black Friday: What You Can Get For Free at US Stores

Black Friday is more than just a search for low prices. Not everyone knows, but on Thanksgiving and Black Friday in American stores you can get a lot of things for free.

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On Thanksgiving and Black Friday, some stores offer special coupons that experienced shoppers can turn into free items, and early shoppers also get first discounts on items at stores like Macy's, writes USA Today.

There are other benefits, such as free coffee and cookies, that will be distributed at Walmart starting with 16: 00 on Thursday, two hours before the store starts Black Friday sales.

What else will be free in American stores?

Thanksgiving Day

Bass pro shops и Cabela's: the shops will have free workshops, photos with Santa Claus and other activities for children related to Christmas preparations.

Belk: the first 200 customers on Thursday (starting with 16: 00) will receive a secret gift card ranging from 5 to 500 dollars. A similar distribution will be on Friday morning.

Cumberland farms: get a free cup of coffee, hot or cold, from 00: 00 to 23: 59 Thanksgiving at 600 stores online.

CVS: there are 7 free items in the pharmacy chain after ExtraBucks Rewards and coupons for the three-day sale, which kicks off on Thanksgiving and runs until Saturday, inclusive.

Offers include free chewing gum, toothpaste, a box of branded acetaminophen and a free 23andMe DNA genetic test starter kit. You will pay $ 29,99 for the starter kit and receive $ 29,99 as ExtraBucks rewards. A CVS loyalty card is required for purchases, and each of them is limited to one per family.

Gordmans: with 15: 00 on Thursday, the first 75 customers will receive a scratch card, 74 of them will receive a discount of 5 dollars, and one customer at each point will receive a gift card for 100 dollars. Early buyers can also take part in the draw to get a chance to win the giant bear FAO Schwarz.

JC Penney: stores open on 14: 00 on Thursday with a traditional secret coupon and the chance to win $ 500. Most early buyers will receive 10 dollars from purchases on 10 or more.

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Kohl's: If you buy several items at a discount and collect Kohl's Cash, you may be able to get free items. Earn Kohl's Cash 15 dollars for every 50 dollars spent. Here is one of the scenarios: buy 4 small kitchen appliances for 18,99 dollars and use a coupon with a discount of 15%, the amount will be 64,56 dollars before tax. Then get back 56 dollars in the form of discounts (14 dollars each) and 15 dollars Kohl's Cash.

Macy's: stores open at 17: 00 on Thursday. 13 products will be offered for sale “only in stores” and “free after discounts”, including a Bella multicooker for 1,5 quarts (1,4 liters), pearl earrings, plush characters of Sesame Street (and other plush toys), as well frying pans Sedona.

Office Depot: Free bonuses are offered only for Office Depot and OfficeMax members - they can receive free Duracell batteries and K-Cup coffee capsules after Thanksgiving and until Saturday November 30 until they run out of supplies. There is a limitation: everyone can get only 4 items. Shops are closed on Thanksgiving itself.

Stack stores: starting with 13: 00 the first 75 people in stores, including Goody's and Peebles, get a scratch card and a chance to win up to 250 dollars as a gift. Most will get 10 coupons and everyone can take part in the draw to win the giant FAO Schwarz teddy bear.

Walmart: at 16: 00 will give away free coffee, hot cocoa and snacks.

What else: Old Navy sells comfortable socks for $ 1 on Thursday and Friday, and also offers a 50% discount on all items in stores. Bed Bath & Beyond, which opens for Thanksgiving for the first time, gives out coupons for 25% discounts from 17: 00 until midnight 28 November, and then until noon on Black Friday.

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Black Friday

Belk: the first 100 customers to 6: 00 on Friday will receive a scratch card in denominations from 5 to 500 dollars.

Burgerim: Get a free Impossible Burger with the purchase of any Big BurgerIM on Friday at all 212 locations in the United States until you run out of supplies. The promotion is not valid for delivery orders and is limited to two burgers per transaction.

Fleet farm: the first 500 shoppers receive a free plush toy when store doors open at 6: 00 on Friday.

Fred Meyer: the first 100 people receive a free gift card in stores at 5: 00. Free coffee, juice and donuts are also available.

Gordmans: Starting from 6: 00 on Friday, the first 75 customers will receive a scratch card: 74 will receive a 5 discount and one customer at each point will receive a 100 gift card. Early buyers can also take part in the draw to get a chance to win the giant bear FAO Schwarz.

Half price books: stores open at 9: 00, and the first 100 shoppers receive a free bag and gift card for 5 dollars. One person in the store receives a gift card for 100 dollars.

Lowe's: stores open in 6: 00, and the first 300 buyers receive a coupon for 10 dollars to buy from 50 dollars for use on Friday in the store, as well as the opportunity to win a gift card for 500 dollars.

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Office Depot: participants will be able to get Duracell batteries and K-Cup coffee capsules for free: the offer is valid until the end of Saturday.

Stack stores: starting with 18: 00, the first 50 people in stores, including Goody's and Peebles, will receive a free holiday bag and scratch card, as well as a chance to win a gift card up to 100 dollars. Most will get 10 coupons and everyone can take part in the draw to win the giant FAO Schwarz teddy bear.

TooJay's: Children 12 years and younger will be eligible for free food if they purchase food for an adult. Actual from Black Friday to Monday, December 2. Need to show a coupon available on With one adult dish, you can take only one free children's dish.

What else: spend $ 50 at the Target store or online on 29 on November to get a 20% discount coupon for purchase on the Internet or at 3-14 stores on December.

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