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Debates of Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko: online reporting

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Vladimir Zelensky in the first round significantly ahead of Petro Poroshenko. After the first round, he recorded a video in which Poroshenko urged to come to the debate to the stadium. President agreed. The start of performances is scheduled for 12: 00 by EST (19: 00 local time). The stadium began to let 09: 30 to EST (16: 30 local time)

ForumDaily conducts online reporting of presidential debates in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The live broadcast with simultaneous translation into Russian can be viewed by link.

13:00 The debate is over!

Presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky held a debate at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, after which they had another debate scheduled on the TV channel UA: First. True, the readiness to come to the channel expressed only Poroshenko and, most likely, will be debating with himself.

Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

12:55 Poroshenko sings a hymn, Zelensky kisses his wife

Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

12:52 Presidential candidates began their final words by thanking each other, and then exchanged accusations.


Poroshenko says that Zelensky is a good actor and made a good and vivid campaign.

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“It is good that people saw the beginning of our discussion. And I suggest you now continue the discussion on the Public TV channel. ”

“We have not heard from him anything about strategy, about decisive steps, how we will protect the state. From your answers, we realized that you are spreading lies, that you continue to use the line that was led on the channel of your partner Kolomoisky, who provided you with security, equipment, lawyers, so that you could seize our state.

You are not Goloborodko. You came here not on a trolley bus or on a bicycle. You are the main conductor of the oligarchs. You have closed your declaration for 2018 year. Why do not you show the sources of your capital?

I will accept any choice of April 21. But 22 April life will continue, and most importantly do not lose the country. Together - to the victory of Ukraine, our victory with you ", - Poroshenko finished, according to Air force.


“Poroshenko had many achievements: visa-free, army, Tomos, language. But I do not understand why all of these achievements were written down only for you.

Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

Yes, these are victories, but the Ukrainian language was up to you. Visa-free is a victory for diplomats who started this process before you.

Tomos is a victory, but Philaret, who fought for the Ukrainian church at a time when you were a member of the Moscow Patriarchate.

And the army. This is a feat of the Ukrainian people, ”graduated Zelensky.

The showman promises to “break the system” and create a new one, with “normal people, with a different mentality, the mentality of the 21st century”. The stadium chants: “Zelensky!”.

12:42 Presidents knelt down. Zelensky initiated this as a sign of respect for the military, mothers and children who did not wait for their loved ones from the war, as well as to the entire people of Ukraine.

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Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

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12:35 Zelensky claims that he is not under interrogation by the prosecutor to give a "clear answer". Zelensky: You are not a prophet, and I am not Mosiah, we cannot lead Ukraine anywhere, Ukraine goes to Europe.

He promises to comply with the European choice of Ukrainians. He recalls that it is only for one term - 5 years. Keeps "cams" to Poroshenko’s policy no more. He recalls that all who break the law will go to jail. He also recalled that Poroshenko invited him to work on his TV channel.

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12:35 Poroshenko claims that everything Zelensky said is a lie. He also asks for an answer, where Zelensky sees Ukraine in five years.

12:30 Zelensky asks why the Roshen candies are still being sold in Russia, and is it true that these candies are in “LPR” and “DPR” rations.

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12:20 During his speech, Poroshenko approached Zelensky closely, and the candidates looked their eyes in the eye for several seconds. Then Zelensky said: "I am not your opponent, I am your sentence."

“By the way about Putin. I have never spoken to Putin in my life. And I know how many times you spoke with Putin on the phone, through Medvedchuk or directly.

I have not been to Russia since the beginning of the war. It is a lie again.

As for the commander in chief. Now the war. But you ask me questions that you must answer, why the war has not yet ended, ”said Zelensky, according to Air force.

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12:10 Poroshenko stands. In his speech, he accuses Zelensky of hiding from journalists and the Ukrainian people, as well as for his relationship with the Kremlin and Russia. He also recalled Zelensky that he was hiding from mobilization when they brought him a summons in 2014 year.

The reaction of Zelensky Poroshenko charges. Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

12:05 Zelensky asks a question to Poroshenko

“Why five years later we do not know the names of the murderers on the Maidan? How do you sleep at night? Why no one is sitting at Ilovaisk and Debaltseve? Would you like to take part in the experiment and live on one and a half thousand hryvnia per month? How was it possible to send sailors to die in the Kerch Strait? Where are our Carpathian forests? Why aren't supporters of Yanukovych punished? Why didn't they withdraw immunity from deputies? Select any question and answer ", - quotes Zelensky Air Force

12:04 “In 2014, I myself was in favor of Mr. Poroshenko, but I was mistaken,” Zelensky said in his speech. During his speech, Poroshenko's supporters shouted "Ganba!".

Zelensky said that there are two Poroshenko.

“The first Poroshenko is shouting at Mikhailovskaya:“ Putin, I will show you ”, and the second, through Medvedchuk, sends greetings to Moscow.

The first one says, I open a school, and the second one opens Roschen shops.

The first Poroshenko says that the dollar will be on 10, the second - on 30 ″.

I am not a politician, says Zelensky. “I'm just the person who came to break this system. I am the result, Pyotr Alekseevich, of your mistakes and promises. ”

The reaction Poroshenko charges Zelensky. Photo: online broadcast screenshot

12:02 Amazing act. Petro Poroshenko left his side of the stage and moved closer to Vladimir Zelensky.

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11:57 The presenters spoke about the conditions of the draw, as a result of which Vladimir Zelensky will be the first to speak. Artists sing the anthem of Ukraine.

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11:48 Petro Poroshenko and Zelensky appeared at the stadium. They were greeted with a storm of applause and shouts.

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Photo: Live Screenshot Screenshot

On the side of Zelensky stands the group "Machete". Her frontman, Jaroslav Maly, is the founder of the famous Tokyo group in Russia.

Photo: online broadcast screenshot

“We are not divided by these political parties. Do you agree?
In response from Poroshenko, they began to shout “ganba” - “shame” in Ukrainian.

He wrote the fans' hymn for the Sochi Olympics in 2014, as well as the soundtracks for the films “9 Company” and “Heat”, writes Air Force

In 2015 year, Small left Russia for Ukraine. “It’s impossible to be there because of such a huge amount of lies. We decided that it would be right for us and for our children to be here now in order to support our country, because I am a citizen of Ukraine. And in order for them to grow up in a democratic society, ”the musician said after the move.
11:27 The debate ticket looks like this:

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Ukrainian media report that not everyone has enough tickets for debates. The stadium gathered a large line of spectators and more than a hundred journalists.

11:00 Edition "Country»Reports that snipers are on the roofs of buildings around the perimeter of the stadium.

10:45 Supporters of Poroshenko and Zelensky pass through one entrance and are further distributed over half of the stadium, reports BBC News Ukraine.

The photo of the stadium, published on Twitter, shows that there are more people near Poroshenko’s scene than Zelensky’s.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

10:20 Ukrainians gradually come to the stadium, where two scenes are located. Each has already started performing artists, supporting one or another candidate. On the stage of Poroshenko performed the group "La ryomii ї", Zelensky - singer Artem Pivovarov.

Radio Svoboda reports that the police are “quite superficially” carrying out an inspection, but they are obliging to remove the armbands with the words “Save Ukraine”.

Photo: twitter screenshot

As previously reported by ForumDaily:

  • Showman Vladimir Zelensky in first round of presidential elections in Ukraine significantly ahead of the current president, Petro Poroshenko.
  • After long negotiations, the candidates in the end agreed to hold a joint debate before the second round. They will be held on April 19.
  • The second round of elections will take place on April 21.
  • Citizens of Ukraine who are permanently or temporarily abroad can take part in the voting if they are in the voter list at the relevant foreign polling station on the basis of a valid passport. The list of polling stations in the USA can be found by link.

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