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Debate of US presidential candidates: what they will talk about and where to look in Russian

The first presidential debate between incumbent White House chief Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden kicks off on Tuesday, September 29, in Cleveland, Ohio. Just 36 days before election day, this is the first chance to see the two candidates come together in a debate. Writes about it Wired.

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The timing is just right for the debate: Trump recently appointed conservative Justice Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court just weeks before the election, and The New York Times obtained and detailed the president's tax information over two decades.

What will they talk about

The debate will air live from 21:00 pm ET, moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Wallace announced six topics that he plans to cover within 90 minutes:

  • the achievements and failures of Joe Biden and Donald Trump;
  • the fate of the Supreme Court;
  • pandemic COVID-19;
  • the state of the US economy;
  • the problem of race relations in the United States and unrest in American cities;
  • fairness of elections.

The candidates' positions on most topics, as well as the line of defense and attack, are roughly clear. Obviously, it will not do without a personal transition. The question is who will benefit most from such attacks, and most importantly, how important all this is for voters. "Voice of America".

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic jointly organize an event in Cleveland's Health Education Campus... The debate was originally supposed to take place at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, but it was closed in late July, citing precautions.

On the campus of the university, the final preparations are underway for the first presidential debate in the history of the university.

It is noteworthy that the audience in which the debate will take place belongs to the Faculty of Medicine and a few months ago, where the stage is now, there was a field hospital for patients with coronavirus. Where, no matter how here, to discuss the successes and failures in the fight against the pandemic. The day before the debate, the organizers revealed some details of the show.

“Due to security measures in connection with the coronavirus, there will be no handshakes between candidates and also with the moderator. After entering the stage, the candidates and the moderator will be without masks. There will also be no opening speeches. Moderator Chris Wales will start right away with the first question to be asked to Donald Trump. The audience will have a small number of spectators with tickets. All those present in the hall must present negative tests for the presence of coronavirus, ”said Peter Eyre, senior adviser to the debate committee.

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The list of topics, which was previously approved by the moderator of the discussion, Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, almost completely coincides with the questions that Americans interviewed on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, would like to ask candidates.

“The two most important questions for me are as follows. The first to Joe Biden: does he have a reserve of energy and strength to be president. And the second Trump: if he loses, will he transfer power peacefully, ”says Phil, a North Carolina tourist and one of the survey participants.

“I would ask candidates questions about the health situation, because it is important now, in the midst of a pandemic. So many people lost their insurance and access to medical care, ”another tourist told reporters.

“My questions are more related to race relations. So much has happened since the last election that it makes people feel uncomfortable. I want to understand if this can be stopped? But if a politician does not see this as a problem, he, in my opinion, cannot be president, ”says Sherri, a Cleveland resident.

However, now political scientists are wondering how important the debate is in general and how large the number of Americans who really still have not decided who they will vote for: for Trump or for Biden.

“The answer to the question of the importance of debate depends on who you ask. Someone will say that they are not important, and remind that Hillary Clinton won the debate, but lost the election. Others will recall that Joe Biden did not perform well in party debates, but still received a nomination. It would be a mistake to say that the debate is not important. This is a rare opportunity, within the framework of a multi-month race, to see two main candidates on the same stage and compare them with each other, ”said Eric Shnur, ex-White House speechwriter.

Donald Trump is obviously ready to criticize Biden for his years in the "Washington Swamp", as he calls the political establishment of the American capital, for the dubious affairs of his son Hunter and in every possible way to troll Biden as an elderly and frail candidate. The president posted an example of such an attack on Twitter the day before.

“I will strongly insist that Joe take a drug test before or after Tuesday's debate. Naturally, I will pass it too. His debate performance had previously been extremely confused, to put it mildly. What else, besides drugs, can explain such discrepancies? " - says Trump's Twitter post.

Joe Biden declined to comment on Trump's tweet. Biden's headquarters limited itself to a short statement.

“In the debate, Vice President Biden intends to respond in words. If President Trump wants to do it in the form of a urine test, he can do it. We do not expect anything else from Donald Trump, who missed the chance to protect the lives of two hundred thousand Americans when he did not develop a plan to fight the coronavirus, "said Keith Beding Field, deputy chief of staff for Joe Biden.

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By the way, this year, due to the pandemic, the debate will be different. The Cleveland Clinic serves as the health safety advisor to the Presidential Debate Commission. There will be obligatory social distancing, the distance between the seats, and there will also be no traditional "crush" when journalists, after the end of the debate, do not give passage to candidates.

Where to watch the debate

Unlike the primary debate, which is broadcast on a rotating list of channels, the presidential debate is broadcast simultaneously on all major networks and cable news programs. If you have cable or satellite TV, a streaming TV service, or a Mohu antenna, then you can watch the debate in English.

In Russian, a live broadcast with simultaneous translation is offered by the publication "Present Tense".

If for any reason you have to skip this event, don't worry: on October 15 and 22, there will also be a presidential debate, and on October 7, a debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.

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