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How to enter the darknet and what you can find there

The darknet is a virtual world outside the normal everyday internet. This is a place that Google and Bing do not index. To get to it, you need special tools. How to visit the darknet safely and legally, explains Lifehacker.

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The dark web is home to data breaches and illicit trade, as well as legitimate online activities that users want to conduct without attracting the attention of law enforcement or governments.

Deep Web and Dark Web: What's the Difference?

Deep web - This is everything on the Internet that is not indexed by regular search engines, including pages locked behind paywalls, private databases, email archives, company intranets, and so on. These are the parts of the internet you can't see without logging in, from scientific journals to your Netflix account page.

According to some estimates, the deep web accounts for about 90% of websites.

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Dark web is a small part of the deep web and refers to websites that specifically try to stay under the radar. These pages provide additional protection for user anonymity and data security. You need special software to access them - you can't access them through a regular web browser like you can with most of the rest of the deep web. Read about search engines that will find what Google won’t show in our material.

Darknet tools and services

The dark web has its own set of tools and services, including web browsers and search engines. Part of what makes the dark web a dark web is that you can't access it through a regular web browser. You also can't find anything about it through a Google search.

Having a private and anonymous place on the Internet will, of course, facilitate certain types of illegal activities: the dark web sells hacking tools, drugs, fake passports, pornography, firearms, and more.

It's a little like wandering through the most nondescript part of a real city, with all the ensuing consequences.

However, there are many legitimate activities on the Internet that require privacy and anonymity. The dark web is used by journalists, whistleblowers and political activists who need protection.

To view the dark web, you need a dark web browser.

To access the dark web, you need a special browser. The best one for this is Tor. Tor is a browser designed to provide additional security and privacy. It can be used to navigate the regular web as well as the dark web. It blocks trackers, encrypts data, and redirects your browsing so no one can see where you are in the world.

The key to how Tor works is its so-called onion routing technology. It gets its name because it creates multiple layers of entanglement between you and the internet—like the layers of an onion. Your traffic is routed between multiple nodes.

Tor is the public doorway to the dark web, and there are even mobile apps for Android and iOS. While there are other browsers you can use to access the dark web, Tor is the best option for most people in terms of features offered and simplicity.

Dark web search engine

Not only do you need a dark web browser, you also need a dark web search engine. This search engine will take you to the sites you want, although you can go directly to darknet addresses if you know what they are (as with standard URLs).

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DuckDuckGo is the default search engine in the Tor browser. Once you turn on the Onionize toggle in the search box, you can use it to search for dark web links.
Other dark web search engines worth exploring are Ahmia, Torch, NotEvil, and Onion URL Directory. Just enter a few keywords for what you're looking for. Some of these sites can be found through regular web browsers, but you'll have to switch to Tor once you have links you want to follow.

What is sold on the darknet

Anything you think you shouldn't download or buy can usually be found somewhere on the dark web.

Transactions are primarily processed through Bitcoin, which is in keeping with the spirit of the darknet when it comes to maintaining privacy and anonymity. That doesn't mean everything you do there can't be tracked - law enforcement is pretty good at tracking down people who think they're operating in the shadows.

There aren't many good reasons to move your legitimate trading activities to the dark web: due to the way it works, the network attracts a lot of scammers and hackers. There you will have no legal protection.

Is this legal

The dark web itself is not illegal. You will not have any problems if you want to visit it. It's just a place where a lot of illegal activity happens because it's much harder for law enforcement to see what's going on there.

You may often see news about criminal activities related to the dark web. This tends to discourage both law-abiding companies and users. Sections of the darknet are often closed as part of police operations.

With this in mind, you need to exercise caution when browsing the sites you visit and when interacting with other users. Please be aware that freedom of speech and censorship laws vary from country to country. This is, first of all, one of the reasons for the existence of the darknet.


Hackers spend a lot of time on the dark web. Gaining access to hacking tools and data leaks on this part of the Internet is not that difficult. However, it is much more difficult to reach the people who upload and download files.

It is recommended to minimize your interactions with the dark web unless you can completely trust the people you are dealing with.

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