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CIA released thousands of secret UFO documents: where to find them

Under the Freedom of Information Act, thousands of CIA documents on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) - or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) as the government calls them - are now available for download on the Black Vault websiteowned by John Greenwald. How it happened told the publication New York Post.

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The CIA claims that they have now provided all the information available about UFOs, although there is no way to know if this is true.

"The Black Vault will continue to search for additional documents in the CIA holdings," Greenwald promised.

This happened just a few months before the Pentagon was supposed to inform Congress about everything they know about UFOs due to the bill obliging to make the information public.

You can view all the information released by link.

The demand for alien information grew so great that the CIA eventually compiled it onto a CD-ROM split into dozens of downloadable .PDF files.

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Greenwald said that, in his opinion, the analysis of documents is difficult for certain reasons. “The CIA made it incredibly difficult to use their records reasonably,” he said of the “outdated” file format. "In my opinion, this outdated format makes it very difficult for people to view documents and use them for any research purposes."

Greenwald has repeatedly requested data under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) over the past two decades in search of non-confidential UFO data collected by the US government since 1996. In a 2020 interview, he told the Columbia Journalism Review that he began contacting the CIA as a teenager.

“You can take information that has taken over a decade to collect and make it instantly available to the public — that's why I'm doing it,” he said. "I'm pretty passionate about this whole freedom of information law."

Among the most intriguing clues in the leaked information is a heavily redacted document that shows the former CIA deputy director for science and technology "showed interest" in one particular unnamed object.

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“He decided that he would personally consider it, and then gave advice on what to do next. This advice is classified, "Greenwald wrote.

The disclosure comes at a point in history when Americans are particularly interested in alien intelligence, as evidenced by the recent surge in UFO sightings and the viral popularity of extraterrestrial media.

Last year Department of Defense officially declassified a shocking video filmed by Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015... At the time, the department argued that the footage "did not reveal any secret capabilities or systems" and "did not involve any subsequent investigations."

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