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Turn your kindness and thoughtfulness into money: how to build a career in caring for the elderly

The US population is aging. Sounds sad? Maybe. But only at first glance. When you look at it, this is good news - it means that people are living longer, and young people have more work, particularly in the field of elderly care. If you are an immigrant who would like to work in this industry, then most likely you have already come across a list of acronyms for professions that, to the uninitiated, mean the same thing, namely caring for those in need. At the same time, deep down in your soul, you understand that since there are several professions, it means that the work there is different, and the salaries, most likely, are also different.

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To help you choose a career in caring for the elderly and disabled that is right for you, we asked the school’s specialists Concord rusam decipher the mysterious abbreviations and tell what responsibilities, salaries and prospects are hidden behind each of them.

So, the following are caring for elderly people and patients with disabilities in the United States:

  • CNA (Certified Nurse Aide);
  • HHA (Home Health Aide);
  • PCA (Personal Care Aide).

Each profession requires specific skills and certification.

CNA vs HHA vs PCA: Comparing Duties and Curricula

Working as a nursing assistant (CNA) in the United States requires a wide range of skills needed to provide direct patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, and homes. CNAs perform a variety of clinical tasks: taking vital signs, assisting nursing staff with medical procedures, and assisting patients with daily tasks (eating and bathing). They work under the supervision of licensed nurses.

Certified Nurse Aide Course at Concord Rusam lasts 125 hours, including 30 hours of clinical practice. The program includes the study of anatomy and physiology of all body systems, infection control, patient care to prevent complications that threaten the patient’s life, and general rules for patient care for various pathologies.

A home health aide (HHA) cares for a patient in their home. He is responsible for the patient's nutrition and personal hygiene, as well as basic medical monitoring of his condition. A home health aide often helps clients with daily living tasks, medications, and other personal needs. HHAs must follow a patient's specific plan of care drawn up by a nurse or physician—they do not make medical decisions themselves.

On 84 hour Home Health Aide course in Concord Rusam Students acquire skills in providing assistance to people of different ages who need care at home (the elderly, disabled, patients after hospitalization and with chronic diseases).

Personal Care Aides (PCAs) are the most non-medical jobs listed. This is more of a friend and companion than a physician. The primary responsibility of a PCA is to assist the patient with activities of daily living: meal preparation, transportation, housekeeping, communication, light housekeeping, and assistance with hobbies and activities. Personal care aides play an important role in improving the quality of life of older adults, but have more specialized medical skills. Another role of PCAs is to monitor and recognize when a client's needs are outside the scope of their role and communicate this to the appropriate people on the team. All this is taught in the PCA course at Concord Rusam, which lasts 40 hours.

Classes in Concord rusam provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to provide assistance to elderly or disabled people. Concord Rusam School operates in New York and is certified by the Department of Education of this state. It provides an education that can be used in any region of the United States. Courses are held on weekends, so you can study without interrupting your work. Listeners can choose a day or evening shift.

What do you need to work as a CNA, HHA and PCA?

Each role requires a different minimum number of hours of training and experience depending on the state.

To work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you need a license. After completing the required training (New York requires at least 100 hours of training), future CNAs must pass a certification exam. Success on this test entitles you to receive the appropriate certificate and work.

To become a Home Health Aide (HHA) in New York, you must pass the HHATP test or complete a training program approved by the State Department of Health Services. The course at Concord Rusam has received certification from this department.

Personal care assistants (PCAs) generally have less stringent certification requirements than CNAs or HHAs, but many employers prefer that they complete a formal training program or validate their skills through testing.

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CNA, HHA and PCA Salaries

On average, nursing assistants (CNAs) in New York earn $ 22,65 per hour. Average salary in the USA - $ 20,22 per hour.

The average salary for home health aides (HHA) in America is - $ 16 per hour, in New York such specialists earn $ 18,6 per hour.

Personal assistants (PCAs) in New York receive $ 17 per hour, their average salary in the US is $ 15,3 per hour.

Career prospects

CNAs are now in huge demand everywhere: in hospitals, public and private nursing homes. At the time of writing, it was open in the USA almost 70 thousand vacancies certified nursing assistants.

Over time, CNAs can advance to manager in specialty care or continue their education in nursing and earn up to $100 per year.

HHA is also a very in-demand profession in the United States. Now more than 20 thousand vacancies. With experience, they can advance to home care coordinators and agency managers.

Almost open in the US now 9 thousand vacancies for PCA. They are looked for by special agencies, nursing homes, and kindergartens for the elderly. PCAs, with experience, can move into specialist dementia care and may also take up administrative positions in aged care offices.

Whatever profession you choose, taking a course and getting a certificate is only half the battle. You still need to prepare a resume and pass an interview. Concord rusam - a school founded by immigrants who themselves went through the difficulties of mastering American business etiquette and passing interviews with imperfect English. Therefore, Concord Rusam helps students create an American resume and prepares them for an interview. Moreover, hundreds of school graduates work in medical institutions in different regions of the United States. They help newcomers with advice and also recommend them for open positions in their companies.

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