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Miracles in the midst of horror: in Turkey, several children were rescued after spending more than a week under the rubble

A little girl has been rescued from the rubble of an apartment building in southern Turkey more than a week after a devastating earthquake with the BBC.

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Mirai spent 178 hours in the ruins - seven and a half days. The video shows workers cheering and shouting "God is great" as she is lifted out of the darkness.

On February 13, several more people were rescued, including a 13-year-old boy who had been trapped for 182 hours. But it's getting harder to find people alive. The death toll exceeds 37.

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This is partly due to how long the human body can survive without water. Other factors include how much room the stuck person has to breathe and how severe their injuries are. Professor Tony Redmond, an emergency medicine specialist, also said that low temperatures in Turkey and Syria are a double-edged sword. He explained that if you are very cold, your blood vessels constrict and you can survive a little longer due to injuries. But hypothermia is harmful in itself.

The death toll in Turkey and neighboring Syria is expected to rise sharply, and the head of the UN humanitarian organization has warned it could double.

Mirai, a girl rescued on February 13 in the city of Adiyaman, was attached to a stretcher and carried away by rescuers. Local media reported that the teams on the ground were hoping to find her older sister.

In the hard-hit province of Hatay, 13-year-old Kaan was rescued after being trapped for 182 hours, as was a woman named Naide Umai, who was found alive after 175 hours. In the city of Kahramanmaras, rescuers contacted a grandmother, mother and baby - they are all under the rubble, but alive - they are trying to save them.

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Thousands of teams across the region, including miners and experts who use thermal imaging cameras and sniffer dogs, search the remains of collapsed buildings for survivors. But hopes of finding people alive are fading, and there is a feeling that the rescue mission will soon end.

The focus is shifting to recovery, with officials turning their attention to housing, food and healthcare.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged shortcomings in the pace of response to the disaster, but during one visit to the disaster area last week, he appeared to blame fate.

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Officials say they have issued 113 arrest warrants in connection with the construction of the collapsed buildings, with 12 people taken into custody, including contractors.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Strong earthquake happened in central Turkey and northwestern Syria on February 6.
  • The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria exceeded 5 thousand: Thousands of people remain under the rubble.
  • In Syria from the rubble saved a newborn: she was connected by the umbilical cord to her dead mother.

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