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What the Number Codes the IRS Assigns to Our Tax Returns Mean: You Can Learn a Lot from Them

Filing a tax return is often a difficult and confusing task. Due to the many numbers, abbreviations and deadlines, it can be difficult to understand how to interpret the actions of the Tax Service, reports USA Today.

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Let's start with transaction codes, three-digit codes indicating the action the Internal Revenue Service has taken on your return. Codes are used to identify transactions with the declaration and create a history of actions in your account. The letter R after the transaction code indicates that the transaction has been cancelled. You can see these codes in your account on the IRS website, in particular in the transcript.

Here are the most common codes to know this tax season.

What is IRS code 826

Transaction code 826 means that part of your tax refund was used to pay off an existing debt.

What is IRS code 846

Transaction code 846 signals that the refund plus interest has been approved by the IRS.

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What is IRS code 570

Transaction code 570 means there is a hold on your account that is preventing the IRS from completing the refund. You should wait for the IRS to ask you for more information.

What is IRS code 971

Code 971 means that the IRS has requested additional information from you and is awaiting a response. This is usually associated with code 570.

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Common IRS Codes to Know About

All IRS codes are available on their website, but the following are most commonly found on tax returns:

  • 000: Adding a new taxpayer (spouse) to the main file, which is a current record of IRS activities associated with your account;
  • 011: Change of Employer Identification Number (EIN), Social Security Number (SSN), or Employee Plan Master File number;
  • 013: account name change or Employee Plan Master File;
  • 017: add or change spouse's SSN;
  • 091: abolition of taxation as a small business;
  • 150: Master File Entity was created based on your declaration and tax obligations;
  • 177: reduced estimated tax penalty;
  • 424: examination request indicator; your return has been forwarded to the Examination or Appeals Department;
  • 425: reverse transaction code 424;
  • 766: amount of tax credits agreed;
  • 768: Earned income loan message;
  • 810: return blocking;
  • 811: cancel lock return;
  • 9001: An error code indicating an attempt was made to access information using an invalid SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

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