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What awaits you after moving to the USA

Having lived in America for several years, I realized that this country has become as dear and understandable to me as my beloved Belarus. I will not say that everything is smooth and simple. A different culture, a foreign language, largely inadequacy of professional skills, homesickness and homesickness - in a word, there is everything that immigrants traditionally face. At the same time, I found in this country something that I lacked so much before. But about everything in order and from a purely personal point of view, which may not coincide with the opinion of dear readers.

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Socium and social climate

Perhaps the first thing that you come across when you get to America is smiles, apologies and small "amenities" that complete strangers do to you. After wary compatriots, this widespread benevolence is somewhat shocking. But some time passes and you get used to it, you adopt a manner of communication, a smile appears, intended for strangers, and not only for acquaintances, you begin to react more calmly to events, there is a reason to just enjoy life. Remember the phrase “I am a cultured girl, I express myself only at the wheel”? So I noticed that I began to ride with less emotional expressions.

The second thing that I really like here is absolute cosmopolitanism, since any immigrant here can become his own. The only question is to what extent the person himself is ready to integrate into this environment. There are many examples when people “do not take root” and, having lived for several years in America, return to their homeland. Or they leave for some other country, which is closer and dearer to them. But there are also many for whom the United States has become their home country. I belong precisely to the latter category.

The future for the younger generation and the chance to start something new for adults

America, I am not afraid of this banality, is a country of great opportunities that any resident gets. A lot of scholarship programs, numerous bonuses and discounts for merits enable young people to find their calling and try themselves in different directions.

As for the people who came to the country as adults, with a decent baggage of experience, knowledge and skills, America also opens up new opportunities for them. For example, ForumDaily told time and again how it is possible quickly learn well paid specialties in america, Including in the medical field... Many immigrants of the “over…” age start a new career here, study and, along with young people, build their new future in a new country brick by brick. True, there is a nuance - it is very difficult! I know from myself. However, America does not like the lazy.

Favorable business conditions

The business climate in the States is very comfortable. A large number of wealthy people proof of that. It is easy to open your business, it is easy to get a loan with minimal interest (or sponsorship), taxes are quite reasonable, but the most surprising thing is that the whole bureaucratic process is absolutely transparent.

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High quality of life

America is a kind of fantastic island where people tried to implement everything that they lacked in their homeland. The results are visible. The United States is a country with a fairly high standard of living. There is a lot of money here and you can earn it. And don't be afraid of being an immigrant. If you know or learn English, and are also willing to work and study hard to confirm and improve your professional level, then success will certainly await you here.

Diverse leisure and travel

As my travel experience has shown, America is an amazing country to explore and travel. It has everything your heart desires: megacities and provinces, mountains and plains, rivers, lakes and oceans, nature reserves, national parks and geysers, several climatic zones and even a desert. The country offers so much that more than 60% of the population do not have foreign passports. Yes, there are no ancient ruins in the States, but you can perfectly fly to Europe and / or Asia for this.

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Worthy old age

Growing up, I understand that America is the country where I want to meet old age. For older people, the conditions here are simply magical: government programs to help the elderly, the disabled and the poor, comfortable nursing homes and boarding houses, a mild climate in many states, a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility.

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In addition, at the federal level there are even programs that provide payments to relatives who care for their elderly. Yes, in the United States, social pensions are not very high, but the number of various assistance programs will allow not to “live out”, but to live fully, even if a person came to the States at a mature age and did not have time to earn his “old age”.

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