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What is Digital Marketing Automation and why US immigrants should consider this profession

For many people who have recently arrived in the US, professional adaptation becomes a big problem. It is especially difficult for those whose initial education and experience do not belong to easily convertible professions, such as programming and technical specialties.

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What should lyricists and representatives of the humanitarian industries do? What should all those whose profession requires licensing and long-term retraining do? Everyone decides this question for themselves, but there are several relatively affordable professions that can be mastered in a few months. Many have heard about QA (testing) and are familiar with digital marketing. However, there are marketing automation and marketing operations industries that are in high demand in the United States, which are usually already known to those who work in them.

This is a relatively new professional industry, which, according to various estimates, has 10-15 years. Demand is growing and professionals are in short supply. How did it happen?

Think of a time when you wanted to buy something expensive enough. For example, a set of bedroom furniture or a sports bike. What did you do? That's right, they asked Google. During the search on one of the sites, you created an account to add models you like to the list or receive discount coupons. You already forgot about the chest of drawers and the bedside table, but here they send you emails with cute pictures and tips in the spirit of “5 home interior trends” and “Where to put the bed for a perfect sleep”. Coupons arrive, sales reminders, reminders to go see products in person. Magazines and booklets begin to arrive by regular mail - beautiful and alluring. And in the end you buy! They bring you a coveted chest of drawers and everything else. What will come in the next email? That's right, "7 perfect pillows" or "How to choose the color palette of a room."

The point is that behind all this is not only the huge work of copywriters and marketers. This kind of precision, personalization, and scale is not possible without marketing automation. Everything that you see, receive, experience is built and optimized by certain programs, which, depending on your response, offer the next step - even more accurate. This is what it does marketing automation.

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Now the company uses dozens of programs and applications in marketing. Creating and maintaining a website, sending letters, managing social accounts, holding webinars and conferences, analytics, data visualization and many others. All data, like all marketing campaigns, must be connected on a single platform. This is exactly the role that marketing automation performs – integrating all marketing data and efforts. Like a puzzle or a complex pattern - you collect all the scattered pieces into a beautiful well-oiled picture, set up a large mechanism with amazing capabilities. If you love solving puzzles, finding patterns, getting to the bottom of things, marketing automation might be your calling!

The industry continues to grow rapidly - just look at your email, there are probably dozens of promotional emails every day. Someone prepared them and sent them - and received money for it. Experienced professionals are in great demand, while young professionals have nowhere to come from: these skills are practically not taught anywhere. The existing training system is focused on the corporate client: companies buy licenses to use programs and start training their employees. Some colleges have classes where learning takes place in a stimulated software environment, but not on the platform itself. There are videos and online courses showing HOW to use the program. But the access itself is not provided, practical skills are not inculcated.

At the same time, in 2-3 months of practical training, you can teach the basic functionality and basic operations. So a person can perform simple but valuable functions. This is how training within companies is built, this is how training at Learnix Center. After completing their studies, graduates get internships and work in a new specialty. Of course, they need to continue to learn and expand their knowledge and skills already in place, but this is the rule for absolutely all young professionals. New skills open up completely new opportunities - an interesting job with benefits, a career, a flexible schedule. You can work in agencies, companies or be an individual freelancer. The level of income rises quickly: 3-5 years of experience will lead to a salary level of 100+ thousand dollars a year.

It is important that the training prepares for professional certification - an excellent confirmation of practical skills. Having a certificate in hand makes it easier for candidates to prove their qualifications and successfully pass a job interview.

By the way, training at Learnix Center Includes interview preparation. All teachers have the most direct work experience in their profession, they have passed many interviews both as candidates and as employers. Knowing from the inside all the nuances, they help students to correctly compose a resume and job search strategy, advise at all stages of the interview. What and how to say, how to talk about your experience, how to answer questions - all these points are carefully worked out in the classroom. We know many absolutely wonderful stories when people who recently arrived in the United States made amazing careers and achieved great success.

Unlike general marketing, marketing automation is at the intersection with the IT industry. Therefore, excellent knowledge of the language, understanding of cultural references, communication skills - all that is critical for working in marketing - are not so essential in marketing automation. If you are understood, you can express yourself both orally and in writing, and most importantly, it is pleasant to interact with you, you are predictable and reliable - this is more than enough!

Other professions may require deeper and more specific knowledge. For example, it is hardly possible to learn how to program or manage data in 3 months. But there are plenty of other professions where the input skills are at the level of an advanced user of a certain program. Marketing automation is one of them, and with the bonus that there is a huge demand for candidates in the labor market.

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Of course, the more knowledge and experience, the higher the position and payment, the more opportunities to choose. But first, you have to start somewhere, and even entry-level positions offer salaries in the region of $60 a year. Secondly, it is very important to get into the environment and the profession in order to further navigate and find the most attractive industries and niches. Marketing automation is the first step towards marketing operations, marketing technology, digital transformation, lifecycle management, demand generation, growth marketing… All these industries have an innumerable number of variations and opportunities for professionals.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing automation and learning opportunities, visit Open lesson and webinarwhich are held every month. We will tell you what and how we teach, answer all questions. Information can be obtained by filling out form on our website.

Why are people who recently moved to the US a very promising group for a career in marketing automation? First of all, many come with a good education, high cognitive abilities, the ability to understand new issues, grasp the essence, and distinguish the main from the secondary. All they need is to find a niche in demand, get niche additional education and help in finding a job. Further - only forward and upward!

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