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What you should and shouldn't buy in November

Everyone associates November with Black Friday, so many expect big discounts on some products this month. True, experts do not advise giving in to advertising by buying everything indiscriminately, because not all goods will really have the best prices. There are also several sales coming up throughout November that are worth keeping an eye on. Edition Time has compiled a list of goods that you can buy in November, as well as those that you should refrain from purchasing.

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Worth buying

Electric appliances and TVs

There will be a lot of different items on sale on Black Friday, but that doesn't mean all the deals are really good deals. In fact, Black Friday sets really low prices on electronics and TVs.

Electronics from lesser-known manufacturers will be really cheap, but if you're looking for a computer or TV from a big-name brand, it's best to wait until Cyber ​​Monday or even mid-December, when stores start clearing out 2016 inventory to make room for new models.

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In addition, very favorable prices are expected on all Apple products on Black Friday.

Wedding Dresses

In the United States, marriage proposal during the Christmas and New Year holidays is very popular, and shops use it. Therefore, in November, they sell off the remaining stocks of wedding dresses in order to showcase their new collections to clients in the season of betrothal in December-January. Discounts can reach 70%.


Most people don't renovate or remodel their homes during the winter or holidays, so in November stores offer discounts on a variety of tools - like out-of-season items.

Kitchen goods

November is the best month to buy any kind of kitchen item, from spoons to food processors.

Not worth buying

Gaming systems and consoles

Even on Black Friday there won't be big discounts on new console models, but it's worth considering purchasing older models - you can find some good deals in this segment.


November is the high season for booking holidays for Christmas and New Years, so don't expect great travel rates this month.

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Usually the most profitable flights can be purchased for 4 a month or a month before the trip, but this rule does not work with holiday flights. Sometimes travel for holidays is booked for 11 months to get the best price.

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the most common gifts for Christmas, but purchasing them in November will not get you the best price.

Usually discounts start in December, when a $ 100 card can be purchased for $ 70-80.

If you need the card for a non-Christmas gift, then it is better to wait until January - then gift cards will be put up for very profitable sales.

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