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What is worth and what is not worth buying in December

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Despite the fact that November is the month of the most active shopping because of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, in December you can also find very favorable price offers. At the end of the year, many sellers and manufacturers offer good discounts, but not all.

Edition Go Banking Rates collected a list of goods, the purchase of which will be very profitable in December, and also determined those whose acquisition is better to be postponed until next year.

Products worth buying in December


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Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales usually do not offer big discounts on toys.

The best time to buy them is the second week of December, when discounts have already reached a maximum, and the choice is still quite good.

Gift cards

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December is the best month to purchase gift cards, especially in restaurants that offer these cards as a gift if you have already purchased something for a certain amount from them. Many restaurants will give you a $ 10 gift card for every $ 50 you spend. Some shops operate according to this principle.

In addition, large retailers Best Buy, OfficeMax and eBay offer 20% discounts on iTunes cards, selling $ 50 cards for $ 40.


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Blu-Ray and DVDs sell at a discount in November, but towards the end of the year, retailers cut prices even more because they want to get rid of old earnings. The best deals are expected from online retailers Amazon or eBay.

Christmas decorations

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Prices for traditional holiday decorations usually fall sharply after these holidays, and Christmas is no exception; in the last few days of December, discounts for Christmas decorations will reach 40-75%. At the same time, in some stores, in particular, in Target, Sears and Home Depot discounts will begin on December 20, which will allow you to purchase the necessary decorations before Christmas.

Products that are not worth buying in December


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If you want a new model of computer or TV, then December is not the best month to purchase them. It is worth waiting until the beginning of January, then at the Consumer Electronics Show, manufacturers will present their latest developments in the field of engineering and electronics, and the stores will offer discounts on models that were made before.

Subscriptions to gyms and sports equipment

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Many decide to prepare their bodies for the Christmas party to look great in a new dress or shirt, and buy for this exercise equipment or subscriptions to sports clubs. This creates an increase in demand and, accordingly, prices, so December is not the best month for such purchases.

Wait a bit, discounts will begin in January.

Calendars and diaries

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December is the period when calendars and diaries are the most expensive, therefore it is better to refuse such purchases. But immediately after the New Year prices will fall, and you can buy the desired item.

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