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What is the most expensive hotel room in the United States. A PHOTO

Journalist CNBC spent a day in the most expensive hotel room in America. Despite the astounding price of 75 000 dollars per night, he is sure that for this number it is a fair price.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

This is a luxurious penthouse in The Mark Hotel with an area of ​​10 000 square feet (929 square meters)

The hotel has a strict process of checking potential guests, there were very few people inside because of the very high prices (The Mark owners are sure that the cost of their rooms is the highest in the US, the cheapest hotel room costs $ 1 895 per night).

Upon entering the lobby of The Mark, located on the Upper East Side (New York), a black and white striped marble floor attracts the eye.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The interior of the hotel was designed by French designer Jacques Grange. You may not know his name, but you almost certainly know his famous clients, among whom were Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino Garavani.

The designer chose black and white stripes to divert visitors from low ceilings.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

From the lobby, an employee of the hotel led a journalist to a penthouse on the 16 floor, which, in fact, has the dimensions of a full-fledged mansion.

At the exit from the elevator, the general director of the hotel, Olivier Lordonois, personally met the guest with the intention of conducting a tour.

Usually Lordonuas personally picks up the guests of the penthouse from the airport on any car that they prefer, and escorts them to their room. There they are waiting for a bottle of rare wine or champagne and snacks, like truffle pizza from Mark Restaurant.

But the director met the journalist directly in the room and began a tour of his 15-room penthouse.

The ceilings in this room are high - 26 feet (almost 8 m) - so there is no need for a striped field. The rooms have huge windows that provide bright sunlight.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

According to the journalist, the room smells of flowers - fresh flowers are located in almost every room of the suite.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The room also has a library with beautifully organized bookshelves.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The fireplace in the library (one of the four in the penthouse) looks like wood, but in fact it uses gas.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The room also has a dining room, and as the journalist found out to his surprise, the huge price of the suite does not include breakfast.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

Olivier Lordonois explained that usually guests of this room bring with them a personal chef who prepares meals in the penthouse kitchen.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The room is equipped with five bedrooms. In the baths, guests are offered soap from the Italian perfume collection La Bottega, white bathrobes and plush towels.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The journalist was told that, if desired, everything could be delivered to the room: from decorative and rare chocolate truffles to Loro Piana personalized slippers (some of the slippers of this brand cost almost 700 dollars).

The room also has a large staircase leading to a fully glass room. It offers a charming view, in addition, there is access to a comfortable terrace.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

The terrace area is 2500 square feet (232 square meters). However, according to the Census Bureau, the average size of a home sold in the US in 2017 was 2 457 square feet. The terrace overlooks the Central Park, located near the hotel.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

But luxury does not end in the walls of the suite.

Lordonois says that absolutely no additional services are included in the room rate for 75 000 dollars.

“The whole idea is that everything should be tailored to the guest's taste and what makes them happy,” he explains.

Therefore, the guest should choose the rest of the services himself, and the hotel will most likely provide them for free.

In other words, it's like breakfast - it's not included in the room rate, but if Lordonois finds out that it will make you happy, then he will most likely offer you a free breakfast.

The truth is that most penthouse guests spend huge sums on additional hotel services.

In most hotels you can get XNUMX-hour room service, but here guests can dine at any time at the Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant, as well as hot dogs - a trolley with them is specially equipped for guests in the hotel.

And if the guest is set up for night shopping at the nearby Bergdorf Goodman department store, the hotel team can arrange this.

The hotel has an agreement with a department store, which allows you to receive goods from there at any time of the day, the guest will be corrected to the department store on a free transfer.

Photo: The Mark Hotel

But perhaps the coolest extra service is the hotel's 70ft (21m) sailing yacht, located on a dock in downtown New York. Guests pay $ 5000 for a two-hour yacht ride for two people, plus $ 165 for each additional visitor. Although sometimes penthouse guests can be offered this service completely free of charge.

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