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What tourists need to know after Trump's new decrees

After the sensational Donald Trump's immigration decrees Many travelers face problems that are associated with the entry into force of presidential decrees. Known Edition travelandleisure.com compiled a list of important tips. This information will help tourists and travelers avoid many of the difficulties that have arisen in connection with the latest events.

Photo: twitter.com/realDonaldTrump

1. Check the traffic situation in the city

Be prepared for the possibility that ground transportation may work intermittently due to protests that may resume soon. At airports, you may experience delays at checkpoints. Recent protest action at john kennedy airport led to a delay of several dozen flights. The movement of cars on the airport was virtually blocked.

2. Come to the airport in advance

It is best to arrive in advance at the airport. Especially if you have an international flight. It may take longer to check your baggage and passport control than usual.

3. Call the airline

Employees of airlines advise you to call the hotline and clarify flight information. This past weekend, many passengers of American Airlines, Delta and United have encountered problems, such as returning tickets. At the same time, travelers had passports of US citizens.

4. Take additional documents

Holders of green cards and US visas The US Citizenship and Immigration Services advises you to bring along additional identity documents. For example, a passport. More information about this can be found at official website of the Service.

7. Find out the country's reaction

Before the trip is best to know the reaction of the country in which you are going to come. For example, the Iraqi government signed the resolution. It talks about the response from Baghdad, if Washington does not change its position.


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