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How to properly pack luggage and carry-on baggage: professional advice

Choosing what you need to take with you on a trip can be one of the most time-consuming and not always right processes. Nobody wants to get to their destination and find out that they forgot something, or vice versa, took with them completely unnecessary things.

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The flight crew of Emirates flight revealed the secrets of what you need to always take with you and what you can leave at home. Writes about it The Sun.

Emirates flight crew members - Boeing 777 first pilot Neil Maybury and flight attendant Kara Eastman shared their secrets on what to take and how best to pack.

Three things that should always be in hand luggage

Kara always carries a lip balm, face mask and moisturizer. She claims that all this helps to look fresh, even if you are in a closed space for a long time.

“It keeps my skin hydrated even in an airtight plane,” says Kara.

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Pilot Neil, on the contrary, is more worried about his comfort; he always takes an iPad, noise-canceling headphones and comfortable clothes to change clothes with him.

“I always check to see if I have an iPad, any noise canceling headphones and something convenient for me,” Neil says.

What essential items you need to carry with you

Stewardess Eastman always takes a book with her to have something to do in her free time. In addition, a refreshing facial toner to look fresh, and a bottle of water to maintain its balance in the body.

The pilot advises taking clothes with you to change clothes during long transplants or waiting, ear plugs to get rid of noise and get a good night's sleep. Chargers for all devices are also needed to always be in touch. A bottle of water for hydrobalance will also be useful.

How to pack luggage and hand luggage within the permitted weight?

Kara says that as a flight attendant, she learned how to pack her things professionally.

“As part of Emirates' flight attendants, I learned which items are absolutely essential and was able to improve my packing skills,” says Kara.

She always watches the weather forecast in the place where she is going to fly. To know what temperature regime it is worth preparing for, pays attention to the landing time.

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Neil says he loves traveling light.

“I take with me clothes that can be used in different ways - take off excess if it's hot, or put on something else if it's cold. In addition, there are many stores around the world where you can always buy the things you need, ”says Neil.

Small luggage also makes it easier to pass control.

Is there something that people take with them without the need for it?

The flight attendant believes that food is a completely unnecessary thing. There is no need to take food stock with you when buying it at the airport. After all, good snacks are offered on board the aircraft.

The first pilot, Neil, relates travel brochures and books to unnecessary things, they only occupy a place in the luggage.

He believes that in the age of technology, you can take one gadget with you and upload books, maps, and guides to it, and all this will take many times less. In addition, most travelers already bring laptops and other gadgets with them, so there is no need to pack books with magazines.

What else is wrong with passengers doing luggage?

People do not know how to distribute their luggage. You need to plan your hand luggage, and then you will be sure that everything you need is at your fingertips. Be sure to bring some toiletries with entertain yourself during the flight, and the items you will need when you land.

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“Always keep track of your luggage and plan what you might find useful on the plane, you can even arrange things in the order in which you will use them,” Neil said. "It is very inconvenient to take out of your bag the little things that are at the very bottom."

Tell life hacks that passengers should know about.

The flight attendant Kara advises always to bring along simple clothes for an informal atmosphere. For business meetings, you need a suit so that it does not crumple. you need to transport it in a separate bag or case. Jeans and a T-shirt will ease the trip and the journey as a whole. According to Kara, a hand-held compact iron will also become an indispensable thing in luggage.

“Also take a bag with you, which can be enlarged so that in case of unplanned purchases, they can be easily placed in your luggage,” the pilot advises.

How to protect things in baggage from damage?

A hard bag is a very good solution if you need to protect your luggage, but it is quite bulky and heavy, this is especially noticeable when traveling with children.

“I always travel with a hard suitcase. But if I need to bring something fragile, then I wrap it in clothes so that it doesn't get damaged for sure, ”Neil shared.

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