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What you do not need to write in a resume if you want to get a job

A hiring manager with work experience of about 20 years, shared what mistake a huge number of applicants make in their resumes and why, most likely, managers will not even invite you for an interview if this item is in your resume. Writes about it CNBC.

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The most impressive resumes succinctly and convincingly illustrate one important message: "This is how I have improved the business for the companies I worked for." But one section that gets in the way of achieving this goal is the “goal” column itself - these few words at the very top, designed to cover all the career ambitions of the candidate. Instead, they don't say anything at all.

This is very outdated and not necessary. And yet, employers are still getting so many resumes in which this item is. In 90% of cases, hiring managers refuse to read resumes that contain a “goal” clause.

“Pretty much every 'goal' I read was either too broad or too short and was never correct. It might be true to say that you are “looking for a responsible leadership position in a team,” but it still says nothing about what you can do for a potential employer, "said Gary Bernison, CEO of global consulting firm Korn Ferry, which helps companies to select and hire the best talent.

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He gives several examples that illustrate why you need to remove the “target” from your resume:

  • "San Jose, California, a cybersecurity specialist (working remotely but willing to travel), is looking for a role in CSO, ready to manage a global team of like-minded, talented professionals."
  • “The senior manager wants to be your next CFO”
  • "I am looking for an opportunity to change the situation and change the world."

“The first is oddly specific and looks more like a list of requirements than a genuine interest in the company. The second is too “personified”, while the last “goal” sounds too presumptuous, ”says Bernison.

In general, the “goal” distracts the hiring manager from determining what benefits you will bring to the company. It can also make you seem puzzled and make it impossible for you to be considered for other open jobs because the hiring manager will suggest that they may be too different from your stated goal.

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What you need to focus on depends on your experience.

“If you're looking for a job with only a few years of work experience, headline is a quick way to make an impact. The headline appears under your name, address and other contact information, says Bernison. - Here are some great examples:

  • Award-winning graphic designer
  • Communications Manager at Fortune 500
  • Biochemist with nanotechnological knowledge. ”

A solid resume may look something like this: “A financial manager with extensive experience in leading companies. Specialization: strategic planning, business process reengineering, SEC reporting and management ... "

“Hiring managers spend almost no time looking at your resume - it takes about 6 seconds, if they don't see what they need right away, they'll put it off. So it's important to use whatever space you have wisely, ”says Bernison.

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