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What our Russians do not like: personal experience of an immigrant from Russia

There is always some magic in moving to another country. This is an acquaintance with new people, with a different culture. But there are not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Author Russian in America blog on Yandex.Zen She said that she did not like life in the United States.

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Further - from the first person.

I’ll bring some tar to my positive blog and tell you what I don’t like in the USA.

I draw your attention to the fact that I am writing from the perspective of a resident of a small town in a provincial state in the south of the country. It is possible that in other regions and cities the picture is different.

Simulated affability

On the street, they smile at you and say: “Hey”, “How you're doing?”, “Hi, how are you?” even those you see for the first time. I know that they don't care how I'm doing, but in order not to look like a harsh, unfriendly Russian, in a hurry I answer: “Good” or “Fine, how are you?”

Endangered city on Sundays

Shops and establishments are closed on Sunday. Even the buses don't run. There are many religious families in the south, so Sunday is for church. I support their initiative, so I just spend my Sundays at home studying.


I’m so used to the fact that in Russia ATMs and bank branches are everywhere, and you can send 100 rubles to a friend using a mobile bank in a couple of minutes, that single ATMs and a mobile application of local banks, like from the last century, cause a feeling of awkwardness. Moreover, if contactless cards are already being issued with might and main, here, even with the encryption of chip cards, things are not going smoothly.

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Huge portions in cafes and restaurants

Seriously, they are huge. And often with a free supplement (soups, salads, drinks). Quality depends on the establishment, but overall quite tasty. But the nuance is that you also pay in proportion to this size. Yes, it turns out that I received the service for my money, but you simply do not need it in such a volume. So you have to eat up, leave or take with you.

Without a car - nowhere

With public transport in small towns is not easy. I am fortunate that buses have access to major destinations. Moreover, our student fare is free. And on Saturdays, the university bus changes directions and passes all the hostels on the way to Walmart. But travel between cities, even such an important trip to the Memphis (Tennessee) airport, is only possible by car. The fare itself is quite expensive compared to Russia. That is why the rights here are already in 16 years.

Lack of small outlets

To buy snacks, fruit or a loaf of bread that suddenly ended, you have to go to the hypermarket. About grocery stores, convenience stores and kiosks have not heard here. I have Walmart on my side, walking at a fast pace for 25 minutes one way, on the bus almost the same. Most get by car and are purchased for a week.


Leaving a tip to the waiters is good form, but in the US it is also a must. The system is as follows: the official salary of a waiter is pennies, almost $ 3 per hour. Therefore, in the literal sense, clients should pay for his work, leaving 15-20% of the invoice amount to tip. It's a pity not for money, but for the waiters.

Health care system

In state clinics, all services are paid. Most prescription drugs are available. An ambulance will take you to the hospital for $ 700 minimum. Therefore, it is very desirable to have a medical insurance. Alas, not everyone can afford it, so they just wash their hands with a disinfector and hope not to catch a cold.

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Sales tax

In Russia, we all know about VAT, which is already included in the price. In the United States, sales tax is not included in the price tag, so at the checkout you are surprised to notice that you are paying 4-10% more than expected. In Mississippi - 7%. Sometimes, ignorance is a blessing.

Sugar in all products

It is almost impossible to buy something without sugar or corn syrup. I heard that it is from this syrup that they gain weight very quickly. They say it also contributes to the development of cancer. And the worst thing is that I'm already starting to get used to the sweet taste ...

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