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What can you get for free in the USA for vaccination against COVID-19

Krispy Kreme stores on March 22 began offering a free donut to anyone who presents their COVID-19 vaccination card... That is, if you provide proof that you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or at least one dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19, then you will be eligible for a free donut. But this is not the only such proposal. Edition Forbes told what else you can get for the vaccine.

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Donuts are not the only food that can be obtained with a vaccination card, depending on where you live or how far the person is willing to travel.

For example, if you are in Detroit, Michigan or have free time to travel there, you can get 50% off lunch at Oak & Reel... Journalist Melody Baetens described the restaurant as "a new Italian restaurant with a huge selection of seafood." The restaurant is located at 2921 East Grand Blvd. For reservations, call 313-270-9600 or visit the website

Chicago's Village Tap Bar is handing out $ 10 gift cards the first thousand people to present proof that they received the COVID-19 vaccine. The bar can be found at 2055 W. Roscoe, Chicago, IL. The site of the company -

A Rumbleseat Grill in Chicopee, Massachusetts every monday offers 20% discount for orders to those who can prove that they are vaccinated.

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Also you can get free goodies with marijuana at The Mint Dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona by presenting your vaccination card. Of course, if you confirm that you are already 21 years old. The cafe is located at 17036 N. Cave Creek Road (at Bell Road), Phoenix 85032. Phone: +1 480-749-6468 or visit the website

Uber and Lyft offer free or reduced fare for those traveling to / from vaccination sites.

Get vaccinated against COVID and get free Samuel Adams beer... The beer brand announced the #ShotForSam vaccination incentive program, writes USA Today.

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A few clarifications: Free beer for COVID-19 vaccinees starts on April 12, although National Beer Day is held annually on April 7. It will target the first 10 applicants who will “share proof of their vaccinations on social media” by May 000 or until supplies run out.

No vaccine card or medical information is required. The company offers to display a “I'm vaccinated” sticker or a photo of the vaccination site with the hashtag #ShotForSam on Instagram or Twitter to get $ 7 for a beer of their choice from a favorite local bar or restaurant.

Promotion started at 13:00 pm ET April 7th and ends April 14th or while stocks last. Visit The site of the company for details.

These are probably not the only discounts you can get with your vaccination card, so check out what your local establishments have to offer.

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