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An American military of Ukrainian origin aroused indignation of Trump: what is known about him

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel of Ukrainian origin Alexander Windman became one of the witnesses in the case of impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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In July 2019 of the year, he listened to the scandalous conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine and told about this the commission of the US Congress, which is conducting the case on the impeachment of Trump. Then Windman said the White House attempts to put pressure on the Ukrainian government, writes Air force.

Donald Trump and his associates criticized the lieutenant colonel, the reaction of the Democrats was the opposite.

Who is Alexander Windman?

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Windman became Director of the European Department of the US National Security Council in July 2018. In the White House, he is considered the main expert in Ukraine.

Alexander Vindman was born in 1975 in Kiev. 4 years after his birth, his mother died, and the father of the family decided to emigrate to the United States. Together with him went three sons - Leonid, as well as twins Alexander and Eugene. The family settled in New York, Brighton Beach. A few years later, the Windman twins, among others, became the heroes of the documentary “Statue of Liberty”, dedicated to immigrants.

All three brothers chose a military career. Alexander graduated from Binghamton University in the state of New York and then received a master's degree at Harvard. His biography says that he is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian.

Windman received his first officer rank in 1999, then served in South Korea and Germany. In 2004 he was sent with the rank of captain to Iraq. There, a month after arriving, he was seriously wounded in a homemade bomb explosion. After that, Vindman was awarded the Order of the Purple Heart.

Starting in 2008, he served as the military attache of the US embassies in Kiev and Moscow, and then served as adviser to Russia to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Accepting the invitation to go to work for the National Security Council of the United States, Windman was responsible, among other things, for shaping the policy towards Ukraine. This spring, he became one of the members of the American official delegation at the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky.

His twin brother, Lt. Col. Eugene Windman, is also a member of the US National Security Council and works in the legal department. The brothers ’offices in the White House are located opposite each other.

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What triggered Trump's reaction?

Windman’s intention to testify in closed hearings before the three congressional committees was announced on Monday, October 28 by the New York Times.

According to the publication, Windman was one of the officials who listened to a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky. Two weeks earlier, Windman was also present at negotiations between US and Ukrainian officials at the White House.

After these negotiations, Windman made a formal complaint to John Eisenberg, the chief legal adviser, twice. After that, in violation of the ban imposed by the White House on the current administration, Windman agreed to speak at a closed meeting of the three congressional committees as part of the hearings on impeachment of the president.

On Monday evening, October 28, several American media outlets published the full text of Windman's opening remarks.

President Trump traditionally commented on the official’s decision on Twitter on Tuesday morning, hours before Congressional hearings.

“Apparently, if the corrupt media is to be believed, the telephone conversation with Ukraine greatly disturbed today's witness, who has never been a Trump supporter,” the US president wrote. "Was he participating in the same conversation as me?" It's impossible. Please ask him to read the call transcript. This is a witch hunt! ”


What did Windman say?

In his opening address, which was published on the eve of the speech, Lt. Col. Windman said that he was an immigrant and patriot of the United States and that is why he agreed to testify in Congress. It was, in his words, about two episodes.

On July 10 of this year, Vindman became a participant in a meeting between American and Ukrainian officials at the White House. From his words, after Kiev announced the desire of President Zelensky to meet with Trump, US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland said that for this, the Ukrainian side must first “agree to conduct an investigation into interference in the elections (in the US) in 2016 by the Biden family and the Burisma company.

The second episode was a telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine. The lieutenant colonel said that he was not “the same anonymous intelligence officer,” whose complaint eventually led to the initiation of the president’s impeachment procedure.

He also did not describe the content of the conversation between the two presidents, explaining that all members of Congress "have already seen the published transcript."

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“I was concerned about the content of this conversation,” said Lt. Col. Windman. - I do not think that anyone can demand from the government of a foreign state to conduct an investigation into a US citizen. I was also worried that this might complicate the US support for Ukraine. And he understood that if Ukraine starts an investigation into Biden and Burisma, it will be regarded as participation in political games (in the USA) on the side of one of the parties. All this will undoubtedly lead to the fact that Ukraine will lose the support of both parties (Republican and Democratic), which it enjoys now. All this will be a blow to the US national security system ”.

The lieutenant colonel also said that shortly before the phone call, the White House "took unusual steps" aimed at blocking the provision of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $ 391 million, already approved by Congress.

“To refute his words, the administration will have to choose a very precise strategy of protection,” a former administration official told The Hill on condition of anonymity.

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