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How to survive when meeting with a shark: Xnumx tips

Most of us subconsciously think of sharks every time we go into the ocean. Around the end of the summer, when the Discovery Channel launches its shark program, the world is reminded again of the dangers of predators that can ultimately maim or kill us with one or two bites. The edition told in more detail The manual.

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Actual chances of a shark attack are rare, although they do occur, so it’s best to have basic knowledge of what to do if you encounter it face to face.

1. Keep calm

Easier said than done, right? For most, simply being in open water can make them a little nervous. Now imagine that you are faced with a shark and try not to panic. It's not easy, but it can help save your life. The first instinct upon meeting is the desire to immediately sail away. Resist your urge, because the further you are from the shark, the more likely you are to become a target. Panic will put the shark in hunter mode. Just because you share the same spot with a shark does not automatically mean that you are on the dinner menu. Most sharks are just curious, so try to remember this now and do your best to stay calm.

2. Look the shark right in the eye

As a man’s best friend, sharks respect self-confidence. Without being aggressive and keeping calm, watch for this and show the shark that you are also a predator. If the shark approaches you, move it away. Show them that you are rebellious. This may be your best last effort.

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3. If the shark attacks, fight back

Unfortunately, the reality is that if a shark decides to attack, there is little to advise you on this. A shark can even make a test bite first, which can lead to serious injuries. And if this becomes a full-fledged attack, your chances are small, so it's better to do something than nothing. If so, now is the time to beat with all his might.

4. Keep your wounded hand above your head

A shark can bite and then lose interest. If you're lucky, and it is, swim as fast as you can to a safe place, raising your wounded arm above heart level. This will stop the bleeding.

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5. Don't look at the wound

The wounds these animals can inflict can be frightening. Without looking at your wound, you can try to avoid shock. Think of a small child who injured a knee. Usually they don’t start crying until they see blood. You will know that something is wrong, but do everything possible to protect yourself before assessing the seriousness and extent of the injury.

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