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What to do in case of a fire in a public place: a reminder that can save your life

After the tragedy in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovowhere, according to official 64 man’s data, many began to think about how to survive in an emergency situation in a public place. Edition Provincial Daily, described the survival instructions.

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Be careful

Try to remember where the exit is, if you went into an unfamiliar building. Emergency exits should be marked with green shades with a pictogram of a person. Notice where the evacuation plan sign and fire alarm button hangs - the red box on the wall. If you are in a public place with children, hold their hands.

How not to panic

Experts advise not to start a panic, but in reality it is not so simple.

• Control your breathing, take a deep breath and try to concentrate.

  • In no case do not run if such a desire arises.
  • Find a loved one, call the rescue service and remember the way to the exit.
  • Try to calm your child, it will help you get rid of panic and begin to act.

If the panic did not happen to you, try to step back. Panic can be expressed in hyperactivity and, conversely, in apathy. A hyperactive person, if he pushes, runs, screams, it is better to stop, until the panic is passed on to other people, ask others to help you. An apathetic person can be brought to life by rudeness or even a slap in the face. Perhaps it will save his life.

What to do in a dangerous situation

The fire alarm should work, but if it doesn’t happen, try to find out if you can get out.

  • Touch the metal door handle or the door itself. If it is hot or very warm, it means that the fire is near - it is impossible to go out.
  • If cold - try to get out. However, if you see smoke closer than 10 meters, it’s dangerous to go out.
  • If visibility is normal, there is only a small smoke of white or gray color - immediately exit.
  • If nobody is following you, close the door behind you.
  • Call the rescue service.

If you managed to get out on your own, move away from the source of the fire. Turn off the lights if possible. Remember, elevators are dangerous, they can stop at any time.

  • Move on all fours, because hazardous substances first concentrate on the level of human growth.
  • Cover your mouth with a cloth, if possible - wet.
  • Close the door behind you and do not return to the burning room. Tell the fire or police where you came from.

Crowd action

  • Skip the kids, women and seniors ahead. Hold panic from sudden movements.
  • Try to leave space between yourself and those leading the way.
  • With a crush, press your elbows against the ribs, tilt the body back slightly.
  • If you have fallen, kneel, rest your hands on the floor. Then sharply straighten the body, pushing his foot off the floor.
  • Lead the child in front of you, not by the hand.
  • If you can't get out, cover up with a large piece of cloth, if possible. If there is access to water - wet all the rags and pour the floor.
  • If there is no access to the roof or fire escape, close all doors and windows.
  • In a smoky room, stay close to the floor.
  • Try to attract the attention of passers-by from the window, if possible. But do not open the windows, the air will increase the flame.
  • Do not jump out of the window if the rescuers have not prepared a fire awning.

Fire in transport

  • In case of fire in transport, the actions are the same, but there are several details.
  • Do not touch metal objects.
  • Use the emergency exit if the doors are locked. Knock the glass with two feet, hanging on the handrail.
  • Use a fire extinguisher.

In the US, fires occur more often, but, according to NSN, fewer people are dying, because building systems are better lined up.

Survival expert and certified rescuer EMERCOM Eduard Khalilov noted that in the US there is a red line in front of the building where only a fire truck can drive.

“There are passages between buildings, there are emergency stairs so that people can hang out of the window and go downstairs. Unfortunately, we don’t have it. Our firefighters can not always conveniently drive to shopping centers, to the entrances of houses. We are constantly forced into everything, the ladders do not reach out, there may be no water and other nonsense, ”the survival expert complained.

Recall Sunday afternoon caught fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovothe fire went on all night. At least 64 people became victims of fire. Firefighters were able to penetrate all premises only 12 hours after the start of the fire. The investigative committee announced that an employee of the private security company of the Zimnyaya Chery shopping center in Kemerovo had turned off the warning system when it received a fire signal.

In addition, the fire killed 200 animals of the contact zoo, which was located on the third floor of the building.

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