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What to do if you didn't win a green card

With 8 May check Green Card Lottery results. But if you are not lucky enough to receive a notification about winning a US green card, do not be upset. Given that not everyone who wins can usually go through the full range of procedures, the US State Department over time adds new lucky ones and possible green card holders.

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Therefore, even if you have now received a notification that you have not been selected, you can check your result again later - the data may change. To check, you must enter on Online your confirmation number issued after registration in the lottery. If on page, which opened, you see a letter with a barcode and your data - you won. However, before receiving the coveted green card, you need go through several stages as quickly as possible.

This is the only way to find out about the lottery results. The Department of State will not send any emails or letters. The only email you can receive from the US Department of State is a reminder to check your status after the lottery has taken place. And even more so, an official institution never asks to make money transfers. Be especially careful in this if you applied through an intermediary.

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Green card - one way to immigrate in the US, accessible to almost everyone. Registration takes place only on one official lottery site - (it was previously called - both addresses are correct). The registration process is absolutely free, and a person with minimal knowledge of the language can fill out the application. If you are worried that you may not be able to complete the filling, please read step by step instructions and material as possible to fix mistakes if you have already applied. Apply better personally, without intermediaries.

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If you are in doubt about any details or you have questions, be sure to read our detailed material, which is completely based on official data: Green Card Lottery in questions and answers.

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