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What to do if your social security number is stolen

Has your personal SSN (Social Security Number) been stolen? Let's figure out what to do and what to do if this happens.

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Channel "The Statue of Liberty" on YouTube explains what to do if your SSN has been stolen. Unfortunately, following the major security breach at Equifax, more than 143 Americans are concerned that their Social Security numbers have been stolen and could be used to commit crimes.

Unfortunately, this is only one of dozens of major cyber security incidents in recent years.

If you think your SSN has been stolen, here are some ways you can protect yourself.

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Step 1. SSN Block Electronic Access

To block SSN electronic access, you must go to the official government website in the Social Security - Online Services section.

Go here to register:, in the window that opens, click Continue, then fill out the form and click the Submit button. Everything will take you 3 minutes.

Step 2. Self lock

This government service will help protect you from fraud associated with the employment of the person who used your SSN to work under your name. Regardless of whether you currently work or not, you need to protect yourself from this fraud, since the IRS will receive data on your behalf. And this is fraught with the fact that you may have problems when filing a tax return.

To protect yourself use self lock and block anyone from committing such a crime.

Step 3. IRS Identity Protection PIN

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service provides its citizens with the option to obtain an IP PIN. This is a six-digit number that is assigned to the taxpayer to protect against fraudulent schemes using SSN when filing a Federal Income Tax Return. This IP PIN is valid for a calendar year, and you can request it at IRS official website.

The first three steps can be taken as a preventive measure to protect your data, regardless of whether your SSN has been stolen or not.

Step 4. Report identity theft to government

Social Security Administration recommends filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This can be done online by going to official site. You can also file a police report in your local jurisdiction. If your city or county does not have the right to investigate this crime, having a police report can be an important document confirming the theft of personal data.

Remember - this is important!

Step 5. Report identity theft to credit bureaus

After you have taken the 4 step, you need to send official letters to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, in which you need to report the theft of personal data and request the placement of Extended Fraud Alert in your credit report. And do not forget to attach the identity theft report received by the police or the FTC.

You can download a sample letter here: Equifax, Experian и TransUnion

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Step 6. Contact all your lenders

Finally, for your safety, we recommend contacting all companies in which you have a loan, leasing or mortgage. Report your problem and ask to re-issue logins, passwords and credit cards.

You can also insure yourself against identity theft in Identity IQ. This company provides detailed credit reports Equifax, Experian and TransUnion plus guarantees payments up to 1 million dollars in insurance cases related to identity theft.

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