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An official from the other world: why Trump supporters believe Kennedy will return to become vice president

Hundreds of QAnon conspiracy theorists gathered at AT&T Discovery Plaza in Dallas, Texas to await the arrival of President Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy Jr., who they expected to announce their intention to occupy the White House in the next election. What came of it, said the publication NY Daily News.

They got together around 12:30, but by evening they were still waiting.

John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999. His father, President John F. Kennedy, was fatally shot in November 1963 in downtown Dallas, Texas, just where conspiracy theorists had gathered.

A strange theory arose, suggesting that the accident was just a ploy to fake his death, and that he would reappear. Independent.

Legend has it that Kennedy, disguised as a middle-aged financial services manager from Pittsburgh, was hiding under the name Vincent Fusca.

This theory became popular after the Comedy duo Good Liars spotted Fuscu at the conservative CPAC conference in July. The video of the event quickly went viral.

The protesters believed that Kennedy would come out to them and present Trump as the restored leader of the United States, and this would make him president again. At least one prominent QAnon supporter has reported that Kennedy will become the new president and Trump will be named "King of Kings." There is also another theory according to which Trump will become president and Kennedy will become vice president.

Supporters of the Trump / Kennedy campaign reportedly took their seats on the morning of Tuesday, November 2, some with trappings of Trump and Kennedy support. The announcement was supposed to take place near the infamous Grassy Knoll, which theorists believe the 35th President of the United States was allegedly shot dead from, although evidence suggests otherwise.

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Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with firing fatal shots from a nearby book depository. He also claimed that he was innocent, and he was killed before the trial.

A minute before Trump and Kennedy were due to appear, the crowd began to swear an oath of allegiance. A black pickup truck drove by, but it didn't stop. The footage shows QAnon supporters continuing to stare out into the street in anticipation of Trump and Kennedy.

When Kennedy, unsurprisingly, didn't show up, people in the crowd assumed that he would actually show up later that day - at a Rolling Stones concert later. Naturally, he did not come to this event either.

And even after that, people seriously assume that the late Kennedy is still alive and will be with Trump in the elections in 2024.

While many Americans see QAnon as a joke, the theory is supported by congressional candidates and military leaders, including former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn. QAnon followers were among the activists of the January 6 uprising at the US Capitol, where thousands of conspiracy theorists gathered under the false claim that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from Trump. US President Joe Biden won the race by more than 7 million votes.

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Among QAnon's right-wing beliefs are that high-ranking Democrats engage in child sex trafficking and feed on the blood of infants. Proponents of this theory hoped that Biden's inauguration would lead to mass roundups of alleged criminals and the continuation of Trump's presidency. This prediction also did not come true.

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