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Four fantastic autumn routes in the USA

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Autumn landscapes are a great excuse to travel by car or walk through scenic spots strewn with yellow and red leaves.

Edition Chicago Tribune collected a list of the most colorful autumn routes in the Midwestern United States.

M-22 in Michigan

Route Michigan Route 22 It runs along Lake Michigan between Manistee and Traverse City through small towns, villages and sandy deserts.

On the way, you can stop for a wine tasting at one of the more than 30 wineries that you will meet.

It is also worth minimizing Michigan Route 109to see the mountains of sand in the park Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

In this park, you can also climb a mountain or choose a scenic walking route.

To the south of the park is a lighthouse Point betsiein which there is a museum. Also, from it opens stunning autumn views of the coastline.

On the way, it is also worth staying at Grand cafe in Glen Arbor, where you can find more 150 cherry dishes with the opportunity to try them for free before you buy.

Hawking hills

This route in Ohio connects the Hocking State Forest and six sections of Hawking Hills State Park, filled with bright autumn landscapes.

Admire the scenery along the deep gorge in the Conkles Hollow State Nature Reserve or take a short trek to Cedar Falls, which has picturesque caves.

Get a shot of adrenaline, ride over the zip line Hocking through the autumn forest with Hills canopy tours.

Do not forget to call in Laurelville Fruit Cowhere you can try apples or treat yourself to fresh cider.

Stop and have dinner in the building in 1840's Inn & Spawhere the menu changes depending on the season. All products supplied here are very fresh and natural, because they are bought from local producers.

Dur County

This route will allow you to see the fall forests of Wisconsin with golden, orange and red leaves.

Be sure to visit Potawatomi Park, where you can admire the autumn landscapes from the observation tower with a height of 23 meters.

Moving north, you will reach Lake Michigan and Green Bay, where scenic landscapes also open. Stop at Peninsula state parkto see the lighthouse Eagle bluffbuilt in 1868 year. The cottage of the former keeper of the lighthouse was converted into a museum where you can find marine exhibits.

On the way to Allison Bay, wonderful landscapes will open up before you, which you can enjoy without leaving your car, sometimes you can see fascinating examples of Norwegian architecture among golden trees.

It is worth visiting the Swedish restaurant on this route. Al johnson's with goats grazing on a peat roof. You will be surprised by the traditional Swedish atmosphere of this place.

Illinois River Road

This scenic route runs along the Illinois River to the north and center of Illinois. Starting a trip is worth it in Ottawa, Illinois, from the 71 Route, known as Canyon Drive. It is a winding path through forests and sands.

The species diversify rock formations located in the park's 18 forest canyons and waterfalls. In the parks are guided tours, from which you should not refuse.

It is also worth visiting the Michigan Canal, where a replica of a 19th century boat will take you back in time during an excursion.

Do not miss the Prairie Wildlife Park, where you can see bison, wolves and black bears. Further to the south, the donor passes through autumn forests attracting with colors.

On this route it is worth staying at a restaurant. Cajun connectionwhere the owner prepares an alligator for you according to the recipe from his native Louisiana, as well as jambalaya, etufe, gumbo and other dishes.

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