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A quarter of 2000 could be worth over $12: how to recognize valuable coins

It might be time to get into your coin stash. Just one quarter in Massachusetts can cost more than $12. The Sun.

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Coin and TikToker collector Sean recently posted a video detailing what makes this 25 cents so rare and valuable.

Sean, known on social media as blueridgesilverhound, said that collectors are willing to pay big money for such a coin.

This 25 cent Massachusetts 2000-P was sold at Stack's Bowers for $12 due to a so-called overstrike error.

An overstrike occurs when an existing coin is used as a backing for a new coin without completely removing the features of the old coin.

This particular coin is a 2000-P Massachusetts coin that was re-minted based on the 1999-P Georgia Quarter.

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So how does it happen? Sean has a theory.

“The Georgia coin probably fell out of the special cleaning chamber and definitely didn’t make it into the empty coin bin,” Sean said. “She fell to the ground, and the mint probably found her some time later and added to the blanks for the next year.”

Regardless of what actually happened, it is the mistake that makes this coin so valuable.

There are factors to pay attention to.

On the obverse of the coin, you can see many details of the previous coin. Although they are minor, they still add value. However, the main error can be found on the reverse side of the coin.

Since the coin represents 25 cents of Massachusetts, "Massachusetts" should be written at the top.

Due to a mistake, Georgia was crossed out directly with the inscription Massachusetts, mixing them up. In addition, some details of the Georgia coin left on the reverse can be found.

This is the sixth coin out of 50 issued on January 3, 2000.

The obverse features a bust of President George Washington, while the reverse has a more elaborate design.

It depicts a militia of North American colonists against a state outline and highlights the admission of Massachusetts to the United States on February 6, 1788.

Photo: IStock

The obverse was designed by John Flanagan and William Cousins, while the reverse was designed by Thomas Rogers.

Collectors can find the following inscriptions on the reverse: THE BAY STATE, MASSACHUSETTS, 1788, 2000 and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

How is the value of coins determined?

This particular state quarter had such a high value precisely because of a mistake.

Errors happen when a mint does not produce a coin correctly, resulting in the inclusion of elements that should not have been included.

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However, experts determine the value of a coin based on a variety of factors, including mintage, errors, demand, age, design, and condition.

More importantly, coins are valued on a rigid scale. When it comes to rating scales, there are five main components: pattern, surface finish, gloss, coloration, eye appeal.

Coins are assigned a number between 1 and 70, with the highest number being flawless.

The coins were minted in Denver and Philadelphia and are to be minted in 75% copper and 25% nickel.

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