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Four dead, many wounded: major fires occurred in New York

According to representatives of the New York fire department, on Tuesday, March 31, two fires of the third degree of danger occurred in the Bronx and Brooklyn, as a result of which four women were killed, many were injured. Writes about it AMNY.

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All women died in a fire in the Bronx in two separate apartments, police said. During the coronavirus epidemic, women were obviously self-isolating in their apartments. However, according to police, they did not live in the apartment where the fire started. The fire element destroyed two apartment buildings in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

A deadly fire in the Bronx broke out at 19:38 on the top floor of a six-story building at 1560 Grand Concourse, hundreds of residents ran out to the street. The fire quickly went into the third degree of danger, resulting in the involvement of 140 firefighters, EMS and members of the 44th police station.

The fire immediately destroyed the roof and moved to two apartments, where firefighters found the bodies of the victims. Women who were not identified were taken by EMS to the Bronx Hospital with burns, where, according to police, they died from their injuries.

The fifth person received minor injuries from inhaling smoke and was hospitalized.

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The published reports say that one resident of the apartment used a heater, which may have caused a fire. But firefighters say that they have yet to investigate the cause of the incident.

Numerous reports of this fire were posted on Citizen and Twitter, the fire could be seen for many miles.

Another element of fire erupted at 1241 Hancock Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, immediately after 20:00. 150 firefighters worked on its liquidation. Ignition began in the basement. Fire rose through the air shaft to the roof, quickly spreading to a neighboring building.

The fire could be observed from afar, as dense smoke swept the entire territory. The fire, before it could be taken under control, raged in a three-story row of houses for an hour and a half.

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Miscellaneous fire casualties New York

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