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Premium applications for US work visas will begin processing 12 May

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12 May The US Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin processing the so-called premium applications to receive a working H-1B visas. We are talking about those applicants who have submitted an application for expedited consideration of documents. The cost of premium processing is $ 1 225. If you have filled out the required form correctly, you will receive an answer in 15 days.

Previously ForumDaily wrote that in the first five days a record number of applications for the H1B visa was received - over 236 thousand. This is 3 thousand more than last year. The annual limit on the number of issued work visas of this type in the United States is set at 85 thousand, of which 20 thousand are issued to holders of a master's degree. Accordingly, only one of three applicants will be given a work visa in the United States. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service has already conducted a computer lottery, during which the 85 thousand people who will receive this visa were determined.

The H1B category usually includes IT workers, engineers, and academics. A visa is not immigration, but with it, you can get a green card. This year, US companies have requested visas for workers, usually in the technological field. Although there were requests from other industries, such as architecture and art.

Employees with a H1B visa will be able to start work in the US 1 October 2016 year.

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