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The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA resumes the reception of citizens: rules for visiting

Since June 9, the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States resumes its activities and begins receiving visitors. Wrote about it Embassy on its Facebook page.

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“Dear visitors of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA. We inform you that from June 9, 2020, the embassy is gradually restoring the reception of visitors on consular issues, the department wrote. - Please note that consular reception is carried out only by appointment. "

The embassy will accept:

  • on passport issues - on link;
  • on notary issues - to the email address (in the application you must indicate the requested notary service, the applicant's surname and first name and the contact phone number)
  • for citizenship, permanent residence - to the email address

The embassy is currently working on improving the consular appointment system. The developed algorithm will be announced shortly.

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“At the same time, in connection with the spread of COVID-19 and in order to minimize the risks of contracting this disease to visitors and ensure the personal safety of embassy employees, please follow the rules,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the rules, you need:

  • to come to the reception at a certain time, because in the room where the consular reception takes place, only one person can be at a time;
  • prepare in advance for the visit (to have with you all the necessary completed applications, originals and copies of documents, a money order for a certain amount of consular services, a list of which can be found at link);
  • use personal protective equipment (face masks and gloves). Before submitting documents and after using disinfectants, they are placed in the premises for visitors to the consular department.

“We urge visitors to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States to understand the established rules for visiting the institution, to take care of the personal safety and health of those around them,” the message from the embassy says. - For consular issues, please send your written requests to

To resolve issues of an emergency nature (in case of a threat to life or death / death of citizens of Ukraine) you should call the hotline (1) 202322 2616 ”.

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